New "Help Wanted" idea that is working

Recently I called the newspaper to place a help wanted ad for a driver. We only hire drivers over 25 with good driving records and I needed someone able to cover at least two day shifts a week so the ad was a little longer than “Driver Wanted, please apply in person”

The newspaper told me the ad was going to be $105 for a week!! I said “forget it”.

I sat down on the office computer and typed out a help wanted ad in 36 point font, copied it twice so there are three to an 81/2 by 11 page and took it down the street to the copy shop and had them make 150 copies and cut the stack so there was one “ad” per piece. (giving me 450 flyers) I then glued them on the box tops beside our usual box topper. We had two drivers hired within a couple of days.

That was a few weeks ago. I just did the same thing again for a cook. We got three applicants within days. One was a cook at a place where we trade for lunch!

Cost? 150 copies = $6.00

I think it is a great idea and will spark interest in those you never would have reached via the ad. I did something like this and the paramedics and firemen inquired.

But, 105 isn’t that bad. I had a price tag of around 290 a week!


I would love to hire anyone responsible enough to be a fireman or paramedic!

I am used to about $40 for a classified ad. But I am in a small town. $100 is nuts especially since the last 3-4 times I ran a classified I got nothing. I think the box top approach is reaching other folks like you said.

boxtoppers for hiring has always been a good way to recruit help. Another good way that is free is Craigslist. craigslist is somewhat local and it’s free.

thanks for the tip. can’t believe I never used that idea before. guess thats why we all go “back to the tank”

The paper I advertised in covered a huge area, hence the cost. If I used the smaller one, I don’t think the reponse would have been worth the cost.

The firemen and the paramedics are always looking for second income. I operated on a state line so I had them from three towns.