New hires where to look!

Ive used Craig’s list and a few news papers occasionally even a staffing service. None of them with great results. I was just what everyone else was doing and if there’s a better way.

Signs in store and box toppers with every order. Seems with every passing year it is getting harder and harder to even find someone to apply. Let alone someone worthwhile.

All I have gotten from any advertised help wanted is a bunch of clown gaming the system who have no intention of working. My best results have been networking through our employees. I actually got a great base crew together right now with 2 brothers, and a few friends.

Box Toppers
Facebook (Paid promoted post with demographic targeting)

Employee housemates and friends are best. A friend of a good employee will not want to be a clown at work.

ALL ads state that applicants apply in person. No calls. No emails. That weeds out 90% of the time wasters.