new hires

dont you just hate when someone seems like a good recruit(at first)you try to stay on track with training,but,deep down inside,the kid aint right…

The work doesn’t live up to the interview, huh? We’ve seen that a lot - everyone comes in on a 2 week probation and “we’ll take it from there”. Many don’t last that long.

I like to hire 2 trainees and start them at the same time. Gives them someone to “compete” against. Usaually only the best survives but every now and again we get two and I can always use those who survive, Makes everyone scramble and perform better.


I’m not going to tell you how to interview your people. I will tell you, though, that these candidates have been through the process a dozen or so times and they know exactly what to say to get hired.

I was in the same boat and ran into the same types of problems until a came across (with Papa John’s) a BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEW.

Google it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s not perfect, but it’ll stop 90% of the burnouts before they even start. -J_r0kk