New idea for how to top a pizza.

I have an idea that I want feedback on. If a pizza were to be made by weight so no matter what toppings are used it weighs the same. For example a meat lovers pizza with 1/2 lb of a variety of meats would weigh the same as a pepperoni pizza. Using 5 meats on the meat lovers would divide the 1/2 lb 5 ways but the pepperoni would have the full 1/2 lb as pepperoni. Will this concept fly?

Sounds complicated… how are they going to divide 8oz by 5 items on the fly. Then 1/2 &1/2 pizzas too…

Is this a workflow you’re tinkering with?
I guess im asking whats the end goal?

A friend is thinking about getting into the business and wanted to see if this concept would work. My thoughts are no there are too many things that just wouldn’t fly.

I’m assuming the goal would be to have all the pizzas priced the same? Interesting idea. I think you would be better off doing what pieology does and have all your pizzas priced off the higher priced pizza and say you get all your toppings for free. IMO you would either be too heavy for a single topping pepperoni or too skimpy for a multi topping like a meat lover if you used the same total weight.

If a regular pepperoni pizza had 45 slices of pepperoni, I would certainly expect more than 9 slices of pepperoni on the meat lovers pizza, even if you’re charging me the same price. I hate feeling like I got ripped off but that’s how I would likely feel if I got a 20% portion of each topping on a meat lovers pizza.

I think the same price concept- Pieology, Mod, etc works with that size pizza, not so much with others.

Have different rates for different toppings, i am thinking about it for Teglio style.