New Idea I just implemented

I am in an area where there are tons of apartments. They are literally stacked one on top of another. I am going to go after these apartments welcome wagon style, instead I am getting it done for free. I am talking to the property managers for these places about putting in one of my flyers offering a special promo in the welcome to the neighborhood folder they give all new tenants.

The best part is, I literally have at least 30-40 different complexes in my delivery zone. So I can try many different specials and see what works best. I just got my first 3 done today, so it’ll be a couple months before I can provide feedback on if it is working or not.

But maybe an idea for someone else who has apartments in the area.

The closest pizza place to me is dropping a little over $200 a month on welcome wagon, and I am basically replicating his efforts for free. And I may get the added bonus of getting to cater some events for these apartments. I’ll try to keep everyone posted on results, if I forget feel free to drop me a line.

This is a proven marketing tool. This should be done both to attract new customers (new tenants) and offer specials to existing tenants. I recommend having the apartment managers include a “Now that you’ve moved in, Dinner is on Us!” coupon for all new tenant packages. The property managers will be happy to include it because it makes it seem like the property manager is the one who paid for the pizza (after a hard day’s move in) and you will get a brand new area resident to try your pizza before anyone else’s in town.

Just remember that your offers for the existing tenants should be in line with the demographics. Most of these people are paycheck to paycheck and the price is what snatches them. More often than not, you will sell a single pizza for 12 bucks before you sell a pizza, wings, and coke for 16.

Good luck to you!

I suggested this tactic as well to the new owner in Styone Mountain. I hope he tries it and has much success with it. I call it “baiting the field”. Have the information in place for customers to trip over is good efficiency.

Greasy the machine by feeding the office staff of the complexes every now and then will maintain loyalty to your program and your shop!

After 10 days, I am getting an awesome response. I can’t wait to saturate the rest of these apartment complexes. Some of these property managers are holding out for some cash. I think it is absurd I am offering to give their residents a free pizza, and they are asking me to pay for the right to do so. Hopefully they come to their senses.