new investment offer would you?

writing again about my situation with my friend building a strip mall. a new offer came about .he builds the building of course.he wants to open a sport bar my pizza place connected. I feed his bar. he wants nothing to do with running the business for he has many buildigs to run.his offer was he would put up the building and set up my store(build out& kitchen f equip ,pizza ovens) i would take care of paint,tvs,decor,tables return i would be building manager and watch over his store for say 5yrs about the length of a loan if i would have purchased it myself new.50k-60k.after the term is over i would reieve a salary for building manager. also would own the equip. this would eliminate a partner and me having to put out alot of money. I call this creative finacing or is it just plain dumb.? would you guys do it?hope you guys respond.I know it would just be easier to just do it on my own but this would also allow me to keep my current business where alot of cash is tied up.oh yeah if i fail before the term i dont get the equip only what i put in.

I say go for it! Sounds like a good deal for both of you but be carefull and know what is expected of you and what you r responsibilities will be with the management part of it. Also will your frien have a say in what you do in your day to day running of the business? What happens if he sells the building? The deal sounds good but put everything in writing and have a lawer go over it with both of you.

thank you for the reply.he has no say in my pizza only in his willall be done with my laywer.i also have first right to buy my place by its self or purchase the pizza and bar. or buy the whole building.