New Location Advice

I have a chance to open a place within a few feet of the local movie theatre and was wondering if anyone else has done something like this. What type of marketing should I use and should I do a entertainment based theme (ex. creative movie titles for pizzas)? I also plan on doing delivery from that location too. Thanks for any help you can give…

being near a movie theater is always good…

maybe you could do some cross marketing with the theatre ie, free soda with movie receipt and pizza purchase and a free soda at the movies with a receipt from you…
that’s just off the top of my head, work out something fair to both of you, could change the offers occasionally…
the movie manager may appreciate too,
hope that helps,

Talk to the manager and get a relationship going. Find out if he/she is receptive to cross-marketing. Lots and lots of potential there. With movie/cinema themed decor, you could actually morph to what you want with different movice themes that come along, and to keep it fresh. Baseline accent pieces done of movie reels, file stock, scene clacker thingy, posters from classic movies . . . then have a more fluid occasional overlay with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Disney style suggestive stuff (avoid licensing issues). Could make a nice add-on to both you and theatre. Dress your staff like theatre ushers? Silk Ropes?

The town we are in has a movie theater right next to a pizza joint (my competition)…the shopping center and pizza joint is poppin every weekend and all summer long…kind of jealous we dont have that customer base…i hope it works out 4 you

I was thinking of maybe offering $2.00 off an XL pizza with a ticket stub but only on Monday-Thursday seeing how the weekends are always busy there anyway.

that sounds good…remember to let the movie manager know you are promoting their business and float the idea of promoting yours…maybe discount on a soda with a purchase and a receipt from your pizzeria.
Perhaps the 2 businesses can work out something equatable.


I’d do slices. A 2 slice box to go might be interesting next to theater, especially if the theater is willing to work with you.

Are the weekends TOO busy? If not, why not service the most customers you can?