New Logo Design (?)

in the process of creating a name and logo and was wondering if there is a company that works mostly with pizza shops?

looking for a logo concept and name.


We came up with a few drawings of what we wanted and sent them to a web based logo design company. They were able to incorporate both our current logo with our add on pizza zenture for about $150.00. They gave us several different samples to pick from. I will have to check with me husband and see if he remembers the name of the website. You can probably google for a logo design company. Hope this helps.

Try,they did a great job for me…

99designs is the absolute way to go…They did mine.
Check it out on our website


i could help you out if you want… let me know… we can figure something out… i would love to help… pizza and web/graphic design are my passion.

Pizza Viking I think your logo has a lot of potential but in it’s present form it is too much…I would simplify it though…

PS…My logo got simplified after I attended a marketing seminar…The speaker was looking for a logo to pick on and I volunteered… And I went home with my head between my knees and came up with a new design

I agree with Royce on this one - a logo is just that a logo - it doesn’t need address, telephone numbers etc on it.

Look at all successful logo’s they don;t have any of this info in their logo’s do they?

mine doesnt have any of those and it has branded me well

Actually the original logo didnt have the web or phone info. This is copy from my sign. The logo was designed with just the names, oval and faces on 99 designs. I was forced to change it to this becasue of the exisiting sign box size and a scaling issue. We are currentely redoing our front awning and it will just be the text and faces. Sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack the thread, but anyway 99designs worked out well for us.