New Logo Tagline assistance required

We are in the process of doing a new logo for our shop Pizza Pizzazz
Our market is middle class with mid to low/high income
We are trending to gourmet pizzas as our main target while maintaining our traditional pizza range
Freshness and quality is a main selling point of our product. We are not cheap, but not overly expensive
Our new colour scheme is based on a light green for the fresh connotation
The logo is modern, simple, crisp, clean and uncluttered
We are looking for a short, sharp tag line to add to the logo
Our previous ones have been - Real Pizzas, Unreal Taste and the other Bigger, Fresher, Tastier
I would welcome any input to a new tagline
Please feel free to fire away

I’ve used a service called crowdSPRING for graphic design work in the past. They offer a new company naming category and your tagline request seems like it may fit. You’ll spend a few hundred dollars but for something as important as this it’s probably worth it! You can find them at

“Put a little Pizza Pizzazz in your life”
“The pizza with Pizzazz”