New marketing idea

Let me know what you all think of this or if you have tried it. I was giving blood yesterday and came up with this idea. Every time you give blood, the red cross gives you juice and a “snack” afterward to give you back a little of the zip you lost from giving up a pint. I decided to donate a half dozen pizzas to the cause and the red cross director on site was thrilled. So thrilled that he insisted on putting my menus out to give to all the donors that tried my pizza AND he came back today and ordered five more pizzas for the site he was at today AND he took more menus. So far as the results are rolling in, I gained three new customers tonight that just happened to be giving blood today, tried my pizza and loved it! The on site director also said when they are doing a blood drive in the area again in a couple months he will be sure to order pizzas again!
Anyway, just thought I would share!

i think it’s a great idea! i have also wondered about doing that every time i hear one goin on when i’m listening to the radio and they ad it. i’m gonna have to get goin now and do it!

A great innovative way to get out of your sales blues and get them right back up there again.


Hmmmmm . . . . first Red Cross Bloodmobile blood drive in Grantville in anyone’s memory on July 27 . . . .our Grand Re-Opening celebration July 28 . . . gotta be an opportunity there. At least to get a coupon into some hands of some generous donors. And at the very least, lunch for the nurses. We’ve already donated four pizza gift certificates for their door prize raffle for donors.

I’ll consider doing full scale pizza if I get the time, but with short time to finish several construction project myself, it may get tight.

Thanks for the inspiration.