New marketing slogan

So papa murphys must be stressing out in our town, we just opened up and after a month they started sending a guy out in a pizza slice suit and a poster and they walk in front of my store.

well now they have 2 guys and dominos has there drivers waving at cars now.

So i wanted to make a slogan for compete with papa murphys, So picture a no smoking sign with a cirle and a slash threw it that says TAKE & BAKE. And below it says Cooked & Delivered with our logo next to it

I thought it was a good line and i may try it out

i think it’s good but…Baked and Delivered i think sounds better

This is what i used for a Simple Simon’s Pizza we use to have by us until they packed it in (There is nothing simple about our pizza Simon says eat more New York Style Pizza) and it worked great we printed it in everything shirts, menus &flyers :smiley:

I like the concept…I’d use “Fresh Baked AND Delivered”.