New member 1st post, opening my own place

Back to the compressor idea, I don’t think out back of the store is going to work but what about up on the roof? Is this an option for the compressor.

What size walk-ins do most everyone have, I don’t think this is one of those items where if a little is good a lot is better, I don’t want to go overboard.

Any quick question I will be looking to get some items used to save $$$. What items would you get used and what items would you never buy used?

Personally, here’s where/what I got -
Refrigeration - all new.
Worktables, sinks, shelving - used and auction (some auction stuff used some new)
Hobart mixer - used at auction, looks/works PERFECT
Deck ovens - Had to get new, because I wanted a particular kind that simply NEVER shows up gently used. But if you find someone switching from a deck to conveyor, you can get a deal on a work-forever deck
Seating - got lucky and found something used locally that fit perfectly and looks like I custom built and matched counters and tables, etc.
Some other interesting buys: used slicer. online auction for a lettuce chopper. online bargain for a remote platform electronic scale. online bargain for lighting. online vendors for many miscellaneous smallwares - just make sure you don’t have to pay a bunch of freight.

roofs an option, but if I was the landlord I would not allow it ( i have everything off the roof)…compressors in the kitchen of a pizzeria collect the flour which clog more easilyand the heat/noise does not help either…we have a 8’x16’ combo walkin cooler(10’) & freezer(6’) which is full to capacity (no kegs, beer, etc) which I thought was overkill so always plan on growth…as far as equip do refrigeration new, mixer used, decks used (not other oven types though), POS NEW, and scour the auctions for QUALITY used equip smallwares, etc…

I was thinking along the same lines of mixing new and used to save some dough (pun intended). When you mention auction are you thinking Ebay or are there other “restaurant equipment auction” sites?

I am currently thinking deck ovens as we are marketing a more upscale pizza with gourmet flare. I worked with Blodgett ovens back in the day, not sure if they are the best choice but I can get a double stack off ebay for about $6500. Heck I could get 2 stack, 4 ovens total for future expansion for about $13000, the price of a a new double stack.

When I said “auction” - I meant an actual live auction! I did find some stuff on Ebay, plus on another site where it’s all local- you go SEE the item before buying it.
But in any larger city area, look for a place that actually holds live auctions of used restaurant equipment. So many places go under that this is a whole industry itself - reselling their equipment.
See the trouble is that you might FIND a good price on an 80 quart mixer on Ebay - but do you want to drop $5000 sight unseen? And how will it get to you? For ovens, hoods, and mixers try to find them used locally - with an “auction company” or single site place auctioning off their stuff.
Maybe Google for “restaurant auction yourstate” and see what pops up?

Wanetd to publicly thank you for the layout. I appreciate the help on this one. This has been one of the hardest steps so far, trying to figuer out where to put everything so it works.