New member intro/ new question

Hello to everyone. My name is Gary in South Florida. looking for a locaton to open my first shop. Several years in the business back in the early 1990’s. Got into new home construction flooring around the state of Florida. Very lucrative for many years. Thats enough said about that. Getting back to my first pizza shop. I am putting together my business plan and such. My question for you professionals, and I call you that with all sincerity. Can anyone tell me the raw cost per “plain” pizza? Large 16" Med 14" small 12". Dough (with yeast, salt, etc…included),sauce, cheese and spices. I will share my idea for the new concept after I put more deatls in my plan. Hope you guys can help. Anyone in the South Florida area let me know.

Lots of variables here. Quality and quantity of ingredients, geographic location, purchase volume, etc. Rough guestimate:

12" $1.00- $1.95
14" $1.40- $2.60
16" $1.80- $3.40

If the pizzas will be for take out or delivery add .25-.40 for a box.

Your dough cost is approx. a bit less than $.02/oz.

Sauce & cheese are a bit harder to pin down, as there are many ‘cheap’ tomato products available, and cheese ranges from $1.50 - $3.00/lb., based on various quality/preferences…

A fresh pack can of tomato/pizza sauce may cost you $4.00 & may yield 6 qts of sauce (plus the cost of your spices)

So, a 16" pizza, using 20 oz. of dough, 6 oz. of sauce, 12 oz. of decent cheese may equal $2.15 - $2.75…

Many may disagree with some of these #'s, but its a start…

Thanks to all. When i’m finished with the plan I’ll share itv with u guys.