New Menu Help

Working with a designer to get out new menus done
Want to do a flap with some specials. Should I do daily specials that the customer need only ask for (Sun-Thurs) or should we go with cut out coupons. ?
Would welcome your opinions.
Also what disclaimers should I include? price changes, delivery (we don’t guarantee times) ect?

Be careful on the specials / deal flap. We have it on ours and kept it on following how the previous owner did it. The problem is that you get locked in on selling at deal price for a big proportion of the sales.

We are bit by bit cutting our deals back and also raising the price on them (ie reducing the discount given) .

A number of operators on this forum don’t discount but give away drinks, breads etc.

Customers do look for a deal especially on multi pizza orders but be careful not to give a way the farm for the sake of perceived volume sales.

As far as disclaimers the following would be a given: Menu prices are shop pick up only; Prices may increase without notice; Minimum order value for delivery; delivery fee extra; delivery area …; delivery times quoted are estimated only and cannot be guaranteed; pizzas may contain traces of meat/nuts/seafood etc

Your local guys (US) will add more relevant infomation for you.


RELEVANT INFORMATION FROM US: Dave is an A$$, and should be completely ignored.

That said, Dave is right on with what several of us are working towards. Your question really depends on your pricing model. The two ends of the spectrum seem to be 1) set really high prices and have lots and lots of discounts and “specials” that get you to your target food costs; and 2) set the price you want to sell at, and have limited to zero specials that are value added items rather than discounts. Most fall somewhere in between.

We lean our shop towards the pricing a fair price and have limited specials. Our specials are limited time, and include such things as new specialty pizzas not on the menu, add a dessert for a dollar, meal combinations, event-related deals to build sales on slow periods.

My only recommendation to you is that you be diligent to know your cost of goods on your specials. If you run a large portion of sales at 38% to 45% then you can break the bank. Have specials that are specifically directed at introducing new products, featuring high margin items, and building add-on sales. If you have specials, then up-sell like demons to get that ticket total bigger every time. Know your market, know your competition, and know your costs.

Actually, Dave is one of my mentors . . . us fat balding guys gotta stick together. I may need that job in Australia if the new menu doesn’t bring in enough new revenues :slight_smile:

Thank you gentlemen:
Fortunately I still have hair that’s getting whiter. And I’m getting older and fatter each day.
Your points are very valid. As is we do very little discounting. I too don’t like it. My cog is average 33%. I think everyone knows it getting tougher and tougher to get decent t margin with out giving your customers sticker shock. I’m leaning toward bundling 2 items together and giving the 3rd free (large pizza and 2 lts for x$ FREE bread sticks)
The other question is when doing this flap should it be just specials available to anyone anytime or a coupon that has to be torn off and redeemed?? Where would say more perceived value is what seem to work better?

Are these menus that you’re going to mail out, or menus for inside your store?

If for inside the store, I’m not a fan of putting any specials or coupons on them. Once inside your store people have already decided that they’re going to eat at your place. They’re prepared to pay full price, and they’re hungry. You’ve got them in the bag already without offering any specials.

If these are for mailers, I say use a coupon that needs to be cut and can only be redeemed once. Otherwise all you’ve done is lower your prices. You might as well just drop the menu price. If you’re doing a special that’s only valid for one day of the week you can go with it being permanent. But I wouldn’t put an unlimited, good any day or any time to anybody special on my menus.

Thanks Piper:
What you said makes much sense. We are a delco and the menus will be in the store and i want to do inserts into the local rag. I somewhat feel compelled to do some type of offer as all the competition has deals on their menus. After what you said i am leaning toward a cut out coupon. Some type of bundle that requires specific items purchased to get an additional item free.
Thanks again

We use a flap on our coupon and don’t want our customers to cut it out…but sure enough they do, thinking they will need it. I would rather them have an intact menu than a cut up one.

As for our specials we offer three different options. They are all bundled deals.

I think it is great to do 2 pizza deals but where we take it a step further is we force them to buy our chzbreadstix also. All in a bundled price. Family meal deals. One pizza, stix and soda etc. People may not normally buy soda from us but they perceive the package to be a good deal.

We have must mention coupon when ordering, limited time only.