New Menu item Your thoughts?

Ok if you guys can’t tell from all my recent posts, I am expanding my menu and have been trying to perfect the methods. I had an idea and wanted to know what you guys thought about it. I have been trying to come up with something extremely cheap to make and advertise to try and compete with all the “Value” menus around town. Something cheap, easy and profitable. Here is what I came up with:


Take a Tortilla, line of sause in the tortilla, whatever pizza toppings, Cheese, roll the torilla up like a Buritto
Another line of sause and cheese on top throw in the oven until the cheese is melted. DONE

Handheld and portible.

Initial cost estimate is about 75 cents in ingrediants and thinking charging $2 a piece, (for 3 topping) Of course for the bigger topping ones it would cost a little more. Should I charge the same, or should I charge a little more for the additional toppings, X Cheese is 50 cents difference for all of them.

Hi Dark,
First of all the cost of your idea is more than 30%, which kinda contradicts your post. Secondly, maybe you should look outside the pizza box (pun intended). There are a lot of original ideas you could try to not only provide an alternative to the “pizza” theme, but hit a price point of around 5.95 which I found to be a magic number. I don’t know if you have a fryer but we added a spicy cheese dip. Can of nacho cheese is7$. Breakdown is 10oz order of FF 3/8 straight coated .38 or with no fryer, triangle nachos chips 10oz. .34 add 10-11oz of cheese mixed with a little salsa .45 = .75 to .90 cost we charge 5.95 and they sell like mad! I have a few more if you wanna pm me, good luck man!


I had a similar idea for a “pizzadilla” a pizza quesadilla. Just haven’t rolled it out yet. I would keep the sauce out and just use cheese and pepperoni or sausage. Yours sounds good too, I never even thought about putting the pizza sauce in there, hmmmmmm

Well I have made several tests of them, actually I used to make them when I fell on hard times at home before I started working with pizza more and opening my little shop. Cheap and Easy. People can make them at home, but thank god for america people are lazy and want someone else to do the work for them.

We call 'em QueZzas - made like a quesidilla (folded in 1/2) but w/pizza toppings…

Italian tortillas are called piadinas

when you do roll them out, be sure you have a good supply of “piadinas”/tortillas, whatevers, to keep up with the demand. They are a great appetizer, snack and child freindly food. We sell Pizzadillas exatcly as you descibe (pepperoni or ham). We offer pizza sauce for dipping . . . . also offer teryaki for the ham ones.

We have a really tasty recipe for Chorizadillas in the Recipes section of our website. It’s a bit spicier with Jalepenos and Chorizo and it can be easily modified with Beef or Chicken.

Click Here for the Chorizadilla Recipe

Hey Willi Here’s Capt’n Sammys version. Order of Fries, Topped with oz of Mozz cheese covered with one scoop of Brown Gravy. We sell about 300 pounds of fries a week like that. But it’s Canada.
Good Luck Dark

Thanks Capt,
Actually gravy/cheese fries were very popular in the diners here. I’m gonna run them as a special this weekend, I’ll let you know how it goes. Hope your doing well with your ideas Dark!

Just something else to consider…Give samples away like they are going out of style. During your rush maybe take one and cut it into smaller tester and serve. We had soup this winter and weren’t selling any…then for lunch we gave them all a 3oz tester and couldn’t keep enough soup around.

People are afraid to try new things so allowing them to have a taste wins them over for next time.