New Menu Items

How long do you leave a new menu item on, before considering removing just because its not doing well??

I bought 6 detroit style pans quite a few yrs back. I brought them back out to try doing them again after 7 yrs, by far they are not truly “detroit” style but damn close, only difference is Im using my pizza dough, they turn out awesome in my opinion & my employees & a few customers who do purchase them. I just thought they would move daily a lot quicker than they are. I have been selling about 4-6 average weekly. I have them at a great deal as well. Im selling 2 (14x10) per order @ 20.49 3 items max. Just seems customers only like standard round crust pizzas in the area.

Whats your opinion ??

Detroit style pizzas are something I have also had an on again off again relationship with. I have refined my recipe for several years and have put them on the menu a few times and , like you, and despite the people that buy them really loving them, I have never been able to get them to take off. Its possible they just need to be marketed harder but I always end up just kinda going, whats the point? If my customers are buying my normal hand tossed pizzas the only reason I have to add Detroit style is if it would attract new customers and or make current customers order more than currently. If I am not making any more money from doing them, and they just seem to be a dog, I would just yank them as soon as you want. Unless you really want to push them and see if you can grow a fanbase for them I couldn’t personaly see keeping them to sell 4-6 a week.

I tried doing them as a daily special a few times last year. I’d take the 12” pizzas and cut them into 4 slices and put them in the warmer for $3 each, just to get people to try them. Slices sold well but never sold many whole pies. Got a lot of good feedback but not enough to make them a full time menu addition. I think it’s the added oil from the pan pizzas that might turn off some people. I think if you really advertised it hard it would take off but it’s a limited market

Must depend where you are in the market. I’m just outside Chicago and we have a lot of Michigan transplants in the area as well as my other shop in San Francisco and we sell Detroit Style Pies more than anything.

Have you sampled them before? Maybe cook up a pizza once a night right before the rush and offer a slice to dine-in or pick-up customers as they wait. I’m guessing most people outside of Detroit and outside the pizza industry are unfamiliar with that style. Getting people a taste could get them over the fear of trying/wasting $ on something new and get the ball rolling for you.