new menu items

I’m looking to run a new menu item but having a hard time coming up with anything. Maybe just something for the summer.

Anyone ever try selling huge baked potatoes and adding pizza toppings? If so how did it go…

Any other ideas?

I like that idea. I’m interested to hear from others having tried it.

we use it on a pizza, sell a respectable amount too! (turn down sound)

We’ve just added gourmet flavoured Lamb Shanks (Red wine & Rosemary sauce) served with potato wedges.

These come vacum packed par cooked. We pit them in a foil tray and microwave for 70 seconds (1600 watt commercial microwave) then put through our MM conveyor at 7 minutes @258 celsius. The wedges go through the oven on a 10" screen and then added to the shanks pack.

We are just coming into winter so we hope these sell well. Sold 30 in the first week so it looks promising.


Foil tray in a microwave?

That’s why it says “Light Show Included” on the side of the package.

I really feel like mentioning something about mashed potatoes or chowder or something, but the question is about using baked potatoes as a base vehicle and adding toppings . . . a Pizzatato.

Anyone got one of those out there?

Kinda off the subject I know, but it has to do with potatoes.

When I lived out in Pittsburgh many pizza places made Perogie Pizza. Pizza crust, mashed potatoes, sauteed onions, mozz and cheddar cheese.

Mmmmm mmmmmmm.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled forum topic.

Yeah, no problems as long as you keep it from touching the sides.

If it comes in contact with the sides of the machine, ala “lightshow”.

Foils / aluminium is fine in a microwave.

We heat ribs, shanks, lasagne etc in foil trays in the microwave all the time.

Customers get a great thrill when the go outside in the dark and the tray lights up the way to their car for them :roll: :lol:


pizzeria uno does something with mashed potatoes that is really good… the take a pizza skin and put mashed potatoes, sprinkle some chopped crispy bacon and some pizza cheese… bake it in the oven and serve with sour cream… its soooo good… its called pizza skin something like that…

Ahh. Memories of potatoes.
I once had mild success selling potatoes when the BBQ place we opened around the corner from our WILDLY succesful by-the-slice pizza joint was a little slow. But we actually resorted to pulling people OUT OF LINE for pizza and talked them into trying a potato with a coupon. (We were selling
over a thousand slices most days - we could spare a few customers)
It just never really took off - but they were a nice change.
it’s easy to do - I’d add it, market it, and see what happens. It’s easier than adding a fryer if you don’t have one, or a frozen dessert if you don’t have the freezer space. Just bake 'em in the pizza oven!