New Menus

Hi all,

I will be getting my new menus in a few days. I went through Taradel and they did an amazing job!

I just wanted to know what are some of your strategies for distributions of brand new menus. I plan to do unaddressed direct mail (15.9 cents through Canada Post) and deliver within 2 KM of my place (aprox 2700 residents).

What is the best way to approach hotels. In the past we just dropped a stack of menus at the front desk and they would put it in their brochure rack but I find our hotel customers are very low, so I have a feeling many guest aren’t seeing our menus.

Should I talk to the manager of the hotel? Offer the staff a special discount if they order?
Will hotels let us put menus in the rooms?


Has anyone ever hired young kids to deliver menus or flyers for them? I see a few kids in our neighborhood that deliver the local newspaper and I am sure they would jump at an opportunity to earn some extra money and perhaps some free pizzas for doing a delivery for me.

Any cons to this idea? Other then them not fulfilling their obligations of delivering the flyers.

Some hotels/motels are tied in to a single pizza place…Usually some sort of fee is paid to the location…Many times in my travels I found the Yellow Pages had certain sections removed (pizza, taxi, etc.) from them and only 1 pizza menu was found in the rooms and lobby…So best talk with the manager to see if you can gain access…

Thank you for the support PizzaAl :smiley:

Our team appreciates your business (and you are a true pleasure to work with).

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I had plastic tokens made up with our logo and phone on one side and 50 cents off on the other side. I send one token with every order for the person at the front desk of each hotel we deliver to.
They are free to use for free or discounted pizza.

I do the same thing with custom made poker chips ($2 discount) - we’ve nearly doubled our business to most of the hotels in our area in the past 6 months or so … great way to get the desk people to sell for us. One chip for every order, a 2nd one for a $50 order, another for each $25 after that.

Poker chip idea is a really good one!

Where did you get yours done?

This place was the least expensive I found: … ID=SZPERPS

Nicest thing is that they’re reusable … drivers treat them as cash to make sure they collect them. Keep close control over them, though. I have one (former) driver who was trying to cash in $10 or $20 worth every night that he would pull from the drawer.