new Middelby PS 536 Triple Stack Problem

Hey folks,
Been off the board for awhile, busy setting up my new restaurant, opening October 01.

Just got my branad new oven delivered tonight and the guy who tried to set it up had a problem with the bottom leg/casters where the wheels bolt into. The wholes didn’t line up where you fasten it to the bottom plate of the oven. This rendered the whole set up useless for obvious reasons. This is very fustrating as my gas guy is in first thing in the morning to hook everything up and the ovens are still sidways in the wrapper like a christmas present. An obvious manufacturing defect by Middleby and the set up guy metioned he had this problem before with other jobs.

anyone else have this problem with a Middleby and what was the solution? I can’t wait for the proper parts to come from the states, ity will effect my opening date bigtime and i am on a tight budget. Someone will pay for this in the morning and many thanks for anyones input, had to vent a bit.

Bedtime for bonzo…

Hi Resort Pizza:

That is a real screw up. I hope you get prompt relief.

Keep us informed:

That is a rather new item for Middleby and with a 36" long 20" wide bake chamber it is rather an unusual size.

Just a question. How did you come to select that model?

George Mills

welcome to pizza 101. Things NEVER go exactly as planned. Heres what I would do. As tacky as it sound you are going to HAVE to get it in place for the gas man to hook up, I would set on blocks just about an inch higher than the casters or rollers that way when they come in you can screw them on and go…Or you can drill you a new set of holes (which may void a warranty, may call MM) and put the casters on…I know its not that hard I did it to mine when I had a misfit.

They look like they should be in front of some rednecks trailer!

now thats hystarical

Middleby sent me the plans for the oven and I had to make sure that the holes where off and they were of course. Turns out they sent the wrong legs and they overnight new ones (arriving today). Delayed everything and my gas guy didn’t do the job as a result, but things go on…

I picked those ovens because the price was excellent and Middleby is trying to get competitive in the market here in Canada, seems Lincoln has a tight hold on things up here, well in the west coast anyways… The Middlebys were cheaper than the comparitive Lincoln triple stack and the Middlevbys came with the stand, flex hoses, etc… where at Lincoln you have to buy that kit seperate which was over 2k (insane). Plus I prefer and trust Middleby more and my end research told me that Middleby was simply the best. As for the model, was i was assurred that the Middleby rep will configure the oven to perfection for my Sicilian Pan Pizzas. Can’t wait until the first pizzas start rolling off the line.

This weekend is fix small stuff for the health department and sample the rotisserie chickens, hymmm…

You guys have to try pulled rotisserie chicken on your pizzas, its unreal and makes a huge difference in flavour.
if any of you are ever in Whistler for the Olympics or anything make sure to come and see me.

Off for a 14 hours day… later folks…

This is what everyone needs to be doing more of. Be creative and differentiate yourself from the big boxes. Best part of being small is being nimble.

Hi Resort:

I was wondering why you picked that size oven.

A 20 in wide belt appears to limit production as any size pizza over 10 in cannot be run two across.

George Mills

we don’t even do a 10 inch pizza, the 36" wide belt models are too big and don’t fit (hood, line, too deep, etc…) so basically we had no choice to go with a triple stack and thoise triple stacks are marketed as 18" wide belts but 20" they are indeed.

Do yuo have any feedback for me about these ovens? Some tips perhaps…

Hi Resort:

Not having enough room is a very god reason for your selection.

I have no clients using that model so I have no input to provide.

George Mills