New mixer finally after 2 years of the POS univex.....

after 2 years of the univex 30 quart, breaking and not working and throwing belts i got a Globe SP30-P on criagslist today for 2200 bucks, with bowl, hook, whip and paddle.

The Univex belt drive mixer is the worst mixer money can buy, i hate that dam thing!!

It blew belts like twice a month, i had to replace the planetary gears my self and they were 500 bucks, the varialbe speed pulleys rounded out the woodfuff keys to the point that i had to weld the pulley back on the dam thing. 4 months later the cast housing that mounts the 2 pulley to the side of the mixer cracked in half and i had to build my own mounting plate for it. And the thing made so much noise that you could not run with customers in the store or on the phone.



Could it possibly be that you were overworking the motor? A Hobart 60 qt with a 1.5 hp motor is great for 25#flour batch of dough, but anything smaller than that will be pushed too hard. The 1.5 motor has a limit of roughly 40# total product. The Univex 30qt models I see on line have a 1.0 hp motor. Unless you’re making less dough, it just may not have been the right machine for your purposes.

The univex struggled with 15 lb batch of dough it was a joke.

the Globe i got is the HD model with 30 quart and 1.5 HP 220v power. i made a 25 lb batch today on speed 2 and it was great no issues and only needed to mix 3 minutes, the univex would take 10+ min

half a horse can make a lot of difference.