new mixer or used?

i need help deciding on a mixer. well for 4000 to 5000 i could buy used hobart 60qt or spent extra money and buy new anvil 60qt for 6500. i havent heard too much about anvil mixers are they reliable mixers? please let me know what you guys think.

I would get a quality used hobart. They run for decades and rarely breakdown.(On average once every two or three years.) However, I would opt for an 80 quart, either a L800 or an M802. I have never understood why so many people opt for a 60 quart mixer. When you make a batch of dough with a 50 pound bag of flour like so many of us do the 60 quart is over capacity and you inevitably get some flour on the floor. For almost the same money, I would get the 80 quart Hobart.

I would opt for a 60 qt. I have picked up three Hobarts in the last year for less than $1000 of Ebay. It is always good to have at least two mixers, one as backup.

Also, I use 32 lbs bags of flour, and mix 55 lbs batches of dough, its easier on the mixer, and its easier on my back.

Hello jinz,I would buy a used Hobart and use the xtra $$ for marketing or something invest worthy.A used Hobart will definitely 60 qt. will definitely treat you right ,I never heard a complaint about them and I been using one for years.

thanks for all the input i really dont have too much time to decide opening my pizza place on sept14, so from what i heard from you guys i will be searching for used hobart 60 qt.

is anvil not a good brand??? does anyone really have any experience using an anvil??

Wish you’d reminded me of that about a year ago…
Every morning, I get a splash of flour on the floor!

But I agree - a gently used Hobart 60 or 80 is the best bet in the business.
For mine, I let a few people beat each other up over the first ones up at an auction, then quietly won the one I had inspected earlier for a good price - since the bidders with money had each already bought one.

Mine was clearly gently used, for lightweight bakery stuff - no dough hook on it, just a whip and a “scraper” attachment you use if mixing icing for cakes. Got the hook on Ebay later - and SOLD the bakery attachments on ebay, too. Anyway - right around $5K, and the thing looks and runs like brand new. Also got the “pelican” online…

No one knows. That’s the problem. Like you, I was curious about the Anvil brand, especially at the price. However, with no one to back up their reputation, I passed.

I have a hard time believing that Hobart is the ONLY good mixer out there, but if you ask anyone here, you’ll hear Hobart, Hobart, and Hobart.

Talk to your restaurant auction house and ask about opinions on mixers. I had bought a Thunderbird 60 quart at an auction and had to sell it when I moved (yeah, I had a 60 qt mixer in my GARAGE). The auction house told me they usually go for about $1k. That’s what it went for. He said they just aren’t as strong as a Hobart and that no mixer sells as well or for the price as a Hobart.

It ain’t rocket science. Everyone and their brother has COPIED Hobart, but they can’t seem to use the same quality parts.

Even though the other companies copied Hobart, they typically underpower their mixers compared to Hobart. Don’t look at a mixer with a 1.5HP motor for mixing 80Lbs of pizza dough.