New Movers Letters

To those who have requested copies of the letter and envelope we give to real estate agents to give to new clients moving into the area.

To save everyone asking the same or similar questions via email hopefully this may cover any queries for you.

  • The concept was adapted from what Walmart do (or did) with new people moving into their area. They had the local real estate agents notify them the day and time people moved into their new home. Walmart sent around on that day a small basket of items such as (all small packs) bread, milk, coffee, toilet paper some initial cleaning items - everything you need when you move in. They included a card welcoming them to the area and a map and contact details of the store. Guess where the people starting doing their shopping?
    I have adapted the concept - allbeit much smaller - to our shop so we get first go at the prospective customer. We know our pizzas are great and that once people try them they will come back. Getting them to the store is the hardest part as you are all well aware of.

  • Over here (Australia) most agents give their purchasing client a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates at the time of settlement when the keys are handed over as a small gesture of thanks for buying through them.  Some even give a small gift box of goodies.
     I saw an opportunity to include our shop by giving away a free family size (15") pizza as their meal on the first night in their new home.  The concept added to what the agent was giving away so it made them look even better to their client.
  • We inititate contact with the real estate office and talk with the principal or sales manager and present them the concept of them handing over the envelope with the free pizza offer letter when they hand over the keys to the property at settlement time. This is for purchasers and renters.
    We stress to them that there is no cost to them at all - not one cent - and that they will be perceived by their client as giving away a free meal (we actually wear the cost of everything).
    Not one has knocked back the idea and all have taken it on board without hestitation.

  • We bundle up the envelope with the free pizza offer letter, a menu and a fridge magnet. We leave the envelope open so they can add the selling agents business card. Some want to add their magnetic fridge calender as well.
    All they have to do is hand over the envelope with the keys to the property.

  • The promotion is targetted to real estate agents within our delivery area.  We find most purchasers buy from agents who are active within the area and not many do so from outside.
  • Renters are included as they are the more likely customers as they don't have the mortgage committment like purchasers do and have a more expendable income.
  • As you know when you move into a house you normally have family or friends help out, and they mostly stay and have dinner of take away food..  Getting one free pizza won't go far so they will purchase more which covers our costs for the free one and gets them in the door.
  • We don't offer delivery on this free offer as we want them to come to th shop and see what it is like.   While they are there they may impulse buy drinks, confectionery or any of the sides we have on offer.
     Coming into the shop also gives us the opportunity to personally welcome them to the area and do some PR that the drivers couldn't / wouldn't or would forget to do.  We initiate the contact and make them feel real welcome and important, find out what they do etc.  You may even find they have kids looking for part time work for positions you need filling.

Hopefully all of the above (I know it’s a bit long winded) may assist you with any queries.

As I said in the other post I am willing to share with you the concept by sending you a copy of our letter and envelope. Email to


Thanks for that post Dave. I have been thinking about this kind of program for years. After reading about how you do it, I might jsut get some coal on the fire and try it out myself.

Do you have any specifics? How many do you get out a week? How many people who you get that initial order from come back?

Good post Dave. Plenty of excellent ideas.


Just about finished the rounds of calling on the real estate agents and so far have 16 on board with another 4 confirmed subject to the agency partners OK.

Another 5 can’t be reached until next week but these should also be onboard as well.

The ones presented to so far have all loved the idea as being innovative, easy to manage and most important to them costing nothing.

Each have said they sell about 20 - 30 houses per month so that will give us around 500 - 600 prospective customers each month but working on 50% take up around 250 - 300. If we work on worst case scenario of 10% retention after the free pizza we can expect around 25 - 30 new customers per month. Average ticket sale is around $20. Work on purchase every 4 weeks it comes out at around $78,000 per year extra sales. Of course we wil be hoping for a retention of 15 - 20% which will bring in good incremental business of between $110K - $150K.

There is also the rental new movers. These are the ones with the more expendible income and are in greater numbers than home purchasers so the potential is huge across the combined markets.

We could look at anywhere between a 15 - 40% increase in annual turnover by the extra new business generated, plus we have around 600 - 800 new building blocks just being set up less than a mile from our shop. 10% of these translates to another $15 - 20K per year.