new movers

We all know the value in grabing the attention of the new mover in your area first.

Who does this?

Just how can you get the name and address of the new homeowners with paying the expense of outsourcing?


wa dave has a great idea as discussed in the New Movers[/url] and also this [url=]New Movers Letters thread.

Anyone want a copy of our letter amd envelope to view please PM and I will gladly forward it to you. It works great for us.


Thanks wa dave.

Now can anyone help with locating these new movers without a middleman, this way we can print wa daves great letter and save some cash


Just approach your local rea estate agencies and ask them to hand it over when they hand over the keys to the property. Sell them the story that the customer will see it as a gift from the agent. It takes a few hours leg work but pays dividends.


Been using ‘Moving Targets’ for a couple of years now.

Melissa Data can give you new mover information fairly cheaply if you want to go that route, but I would agree with Dave that working through your local real estate agents is the best way to accomplish this.

The real estate agents can also only give your letter to residents that are truly new to the area. If you use Moving Targets or Melissa Data you are going to get tons of people moving around within your business area, and often people that have just refinanced their homes.

Piper makes a good point about redundancy with Moving Targets. I suppose it depends on the size of your area. If its too big, Moving Targets might not work. However, it its small, I suspect its better than the realtors. Who cares it you have a little overlap - advertising is advertising.

I have been using New Movers for about 3 years now and wouldnt do it any other way. Jays group work very well with you to set up your list requirements (so many miles,zipcode, moving within area and such) they can eliminate the ones that are just moving around the corner. They can eliminate rentals pretty well anything that you can think of they can setup. I dont have to do anything each month they letters get mailed and I get a bill that lets me know just how many got sent so you can track the returns that way. Oh and they can set it up so you only spend a set dollar amount each month or just go with whatever the total is(I do the set amount each month keeps it in check).