new movers

hey I was thinking of straying away from the tradional welcolme to the neighbor hood here is your free medium 2 topping pizza,
My thought was a gift certificate valued at 10.00 off anything in our restaurant, of course we will put provisions that you cant order breadsticks and want your change…LOL
My thought is a lot hit the trash because its very specific, put a full menu in and 10 off an order seems really tempting as well!

Hi Redbarn,

We just started using a “Welcome Lady” that does new mover visits with offers from local businesses.

We do a $20 gift certificate, and of course we don’t give change back on them. First, people thing they’re extremely generous, so we get big points right up front. Second, I don’t think I’ve had anybody yet spend less than $20.00. They seem to all be around $25.00 or so, and they are therefore almost covering the cost of their food!

Good idea. I can see how the perception of greater value lies within the gift certificate rather than a product offer.

I guess the question now is what’s the best discount to offer for you and your potential customers ? $10, $15 or $20 ?

I use welcome wagon and give away 2 free 10" pizzas (Valu is up to 22.00 if the order loaded pizzas), Why pizzas… cause that is what I am known for and that is what I want them to try first. I dont think many people would throw away a free pizza coupon and I know I get about a 95% return on mine