New Movers

Im just about to start a new movers program . Since Im sure that there are many of you there that are currently doing this, Im just curious as to what type of response you are getting.

Thanks in advance,

Pizza Tony

I got around 15% returned when I was using Moving Targets and around 25% when I mailed them on my own with a list I bought weekly. Small cost savings doing it on my own, more work involved, but I felt I got better retention of these customers as I included a magnet with each letter.

We send out a million-dollar letter type mailer every month to new movers (offering free breadsticks and 2 free drinks w/pizza purchase) and it pulls just under 5%. Each mailer costs about $.50 and redemptions average something like $15 purchased.

Back when we did Moving Targets (free large pizza - no strings) we pulled around 25% in our college market and over 33% in small town USA. Each mailer cost about $1.25 back then and very few people added anything to their initial order.

Don’t forget to bounce them back with something soon after they order.

We’re pulling about 30% with moving targets.