New Name for Delivery

One of my drivers posted on his Faceboook … “Well, time to go escort pizzas…”
So he is no longer a pizza delivery driver. He is now in the escort business.
His further posts included that he escorts Italian goodies.
Might have a new side business ready to set up using the drivers as escorts.
Sorry it’s been a extremely busy hard weekend.

Oh man, whatever you do , don’t talk about “escorts” on here. I did once, and got an ear full. I ended up editing my post so as not to offend that person.

/I used to own an es… nevermind! :lol:

Hmmmm . . . Pizza security agent. . . .

Pizza Transfer Technician

Mobile Service Specialist

Pizza Pimp

I like this one! :lol:

wouldnt you be the pimp, i mean think about it you put the driver out on the streets all night at at the end of the night you take the money and give’em a little something

Oh so I’m the pizza pimp and they are the pizza ho’s ?

“Tip your pizza ho’s!”

We funnily enough had an employee self-nicknamed the “Pizza Ho”. She was great fun, and added a lot to the staff . . . but not “that” much, if you get my drift. She was a swing employee who could work driving or in the dining room. She even did a costume one Halloween with three baby dolls . . . one was fathered by each of the male employees :lol: But none was mine.

I just found a pic of Dave’s new ride! 8)

Love it
but where’s the photo of me in my baggy pants, sequined “wife basher”, white coat, oversized mirrored sunglasses, heaps of bling around my neck and oversized fake diamond rings. Oh and don’t forget the ear rings. :smiley:

AND the big fuzzy cowboy hat . . . ya gotta have the hat! [size=2](keeps the bald spot from sunburning)[/size]

Dave I thought I would leave that pic up too you! If you need help learning how to take pics of yourself and posting them…contact US Rep Anthony Weiner (D-NY)… I hear he has a new photo service! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok sorry I could not resist once I found the pic of Dave, his ho, and the bone in ham he was roasting!!! You damn Aussies! :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn I love you guys… the pizza world is a twisted place at times…but it’s all good! 8)

Thought for a moment you had been trolling through my mothers photo albums of me some late 30 years ago, but alas not with the chickee dee