New Online Ordering Strategy

I need a strategy to get as many of my online customers from my old third party service onto my new fully integrated service.
I have a year to do it bc of a contractual hoop.
It seems like a daunting task but once its done itll make life easier.

How should I do it?

Box toppers work wonders [emoji846]
Also helps to advertise it in store, social media, etc. but you should make sure to let your customers know that you’re moving away from the old service.
One more thing to do is to give them an insensitive such as a discount, rewards etc.

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Who was your third party site your trying to get away from?

ChowNow, theyve been awesome. But with my new Pos Prism by Microworks I want integration. I want everything under one roof.

  1. Replace all ChowNow links from Facebook page, Google business page and everywhere else they have it with your integrated link.

  2. a) Raise your delivery charge with ChowNow
    b) Offer lower delivery charge with integrated platform
    c) Educate customers - give ChowNow customers business cards with link to your integrated site link or email sign up link with info about delivery charge discount. (If you don’t have a delivery charge ADD ONE NOW, or offer another type of incentive)

  3. a) Stop adding new items to the ChowNow site
    b) Start removing items
    c) Educate current ChowNow customers that there are more options on the new site through email, business card, flyer etc.

  4. If they use a delivery zone map, reduce the size of the zone. Just make sure that your customers are able to find the new link on Google or Facebook.

Thanks Rico