New Opening - Need Help w/ Location!

Just wanted to get some expert / experienced options on location for my pizzeria. This would be my first pizzeria it is a franchise that has been around 50+ years. I found 1 location that is right on the main roadway with about 50k+ traffic count daily. •Love the location but the building is quite dated and not modern and clean feeling. It does have hood , trap etc already setup. Other option is a newer building almost exact design I’m looking for but the traffic count is only about 20k a day so I have a delimma on which to choose for the best success. My main concern is the traffic count comparisons. Plan on doing take out, delivery and a small amount of sit down. The first location mentioned does have a wrap around bar also.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Where are the bathrooms? If you have sit down, you’ll need X amount of bathrooms for Y amount of seats. If they’re located in the back, or basically through your kitchen it may be too expensive to move the stack

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If it’s a franchise, it likely doesn’t matter if their is a hood/trap in place. Most franchises prefer to start vanilla with their construction crews. Good to have that hood their for precedent though with your county offices. What franchise btw?

Also, what percentage of the franchises’ sales are delivery? Perhaps location doesn’t matter at all?

They are in the back, but my main concern is the traffic count difference, the one location has more than double of the traffic count.

If you plan on being a delivery store, I don’t think the traffic matters. If you were more sit down, then that’s where I’d worry about traffic. But if the rent is about equal, then obviously you go with more exposure regardless

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Thanks, the rent is about equal and we will do mostly take out and delivery with some sit down seating probably just around the bar area. I agree with you about the exposure, I just lean to the newer building w less traffic instinctively because the building is so much newer and nicer, that’s the dilemma.

Having an informal sit down like we do, I can tell you it won’t take long for customers to ruin the inside haha. Having a bar area though, that may be a good reason to keep with the high exposure as well. Liquor Licenses are very expensive in our state so we do well without it, resort to delivering our ice cream as extra revenue

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yea we are planning on doing just beer/wine…the building with the lower traffic count about 20k cars a day is pretty much brand new and looks great inside and out, the other building with 50k daily traffic count is older, a lot less appealing from the inside and out, but the location is excellent.

Throw a little extra money into the one with more exposure and make it nice. It’ll pay off in the long run

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Agree and that may be what I do, its more of a pride thing, I prefer the newer nicer building but making $ at the end of the day is what is going to matter. The building has 3 other spaces, 1 barber shop that has been there but they cant seem to keep the other two spaces filled, one was a saloon and it went under pretty quick … I also have concerns about what other tenants will be filling those spaces if you know what I mean.

Get yourself a non compete clause

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was just referring to some seedy business coming in there … lol … like a pawn shop, may be looking into it too much lol…

Ah I don’t know your demographic so that’s a tough call. You’ve gotta feel safe where you are as well

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its a safe area…i guess ill have to decide, if the new building was in this spot that would be perfect…

any other opinions from experienced operators appreciated!!

Remodeling an old store in a great area is something you can do and something you have complete control over, meanwhile turning a bad area into a good one is something you have no control over and most likely won’t happen. Sure, in theory it could, but that could take decades and that still is a hell of a gamble.

Thanks, by no means is it a bad area, its just the building is dated and the lot and interior needs some attention, cleaning up and TLC, it is on the main highway to the beach, traffic about 50k+ per day. I am thinking we would get a lot of takeout business from people coming to and leaving from the beach.

Any other opinions from experienced operators?

location, location, location…you can fix up the spot…go with option#1

A 50,000 daily traffic count is massive and can actually be a deterrent. With numbers like that I would assume it is a divided road? Is there a stop light at the entrance/exit of the plaza? If it’s not convenient to turn into or out of you might find customers skipping you for someplace else more convenient. What about your delivery drivers? Speed of delivery is crucial and if the have to wait on a three minute light every single time the leave on delivery it will impact your delivery sales. Are the drivers able to turn left out of the store or do they have to turn right and do a Uturn?

My plaza is on a road with a 30,000+ daily traffic count and there are times of the day where traffic backs up to our entrance. It can be very difficult to turn left out of and the safety aspect of the intersection really concerns me. I wouldn’t consider moving to a 50,000 daily traffic count road without the perfect scenario of side streets and lights that make it safe, easy and quick for my drivers to get in and out of.