New Opening - Need Help w/ Location!

If the older location is in a strip mall and the mall is dated, your place no matter how nice inside won’t initially attract customers. The hood and trap implemented by the previous owners may not be the same specifications you require for your equipment – hood size, cfm, trap flow rate and capacity for example and just because it’s there city & county health and building department may make you update it. It’s worth investigating as the plumbing and hood are quite expensive - big plus if you can keep them and the specs are sufficient.

Personally, I prefer newer places and don’t want to deal with a build out in an old run down facility, it makes the whole thing more expense because you’re not only doing the build out your also updating the facility. Also you mentioned the new place many times and suspect that at the end of the day you don’t like the older place anyway. Do what feel s right so you won’t regret the decision later.

That is the plan right now, thanks for the input, other feedback is appreciated!!

Curious how much location matters as you get more established…Can you do enough marketing to build your business in a little out of the way location?..My thinking is a high traffic location will come with high rent forever, whereas if you can build your business at a cheaper location you may end up with less overhead as time passes…

I think a lesser location would work if you are already established in the area, otherwise I’m not sure…The good thing about this location is the rent is reasonable and its PRIME visiblility from the main road, but it does need some fixing up, which I am wiling to do…

I think the older building would do great, it does have a bar inside also, yes I would prefer the new building but at the end of the day I think this location would double the sales, otherwise I would go with the newer building.