New Oven / Old Oven

You guys may be able to help me out.

I have decided to add an additional oven to the MM PS360 I currently have.

As I only have 10 months left on my lease I am going to rent a new one with a lease / buy option once we get our new lease. We have no certainy of getting a new lease despite the centre manager agent saying they see no reason why we won’t (good tennant, growing business, they need our type of business etc … bulls*#t, bulls#*t)

I an m looking at a MM PS555 Gas conveyor which is similar size to mine (32" wide belt x 55" chamber - my chamber is 50"). We can get this with the motor under the chamber and use it as the primary oven as the bottom of the stack and then stack the older one on top.

The older one is more bulkier than the new model plus it has the motor underneath as well. Placing the new on on top of the old one will make the belts a bit high to easily get the pizzas off the belts.

Does anyone know if changing the motor on the old one to be above the chamber is an easy option? This will then have both sets of belts at workable heights (yeah, I’m a shorta#*e @ 5’5’’)

I really want to use the new one 100% of the time and rely on the old one for busy periods, hence placing the old one on top.

Any help would be appreciated and maybe George Mills can chime in with his expertise.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Actually I would reccomend the oven that will be used most to be stacked on top. It is closer to the hood and more heat and exhaust will be removed. Although the 555 doesn’t stack well on a 360, for a few hundred dollars you can have a stand custom made that would hold it just off the 360. Maybe you would need to take the castors off the 360 to make the belt of the 555 be at the right height. Also, consider the fact that you are only renting this oven and you may end up returning it. Do you want to risk screwing it up badly putting the 360 on top? And no the bottom model 360 cannot be switched to a top model with the control panel on top. The 555 actually has all of the components in front and behind the bake chamber as opposed to above or below like the 360’s.

Thanks for the input.

Unfortunately our local health regulations state that there must be a minimum 6" clearance underneath to be able sweep out rubbish, dust etc


If you had a 80 quart mixer, would it have to be 6 inches off the ground? Where I’m at, we can put it on the ground, but it needs to be sealed(caulked).

Actually, as I think about this, it’s very difficult to put a 555 on top of anything else. The gas line for the 555 feeds in from the bottom, on the front left of the oven. To put it on top of the 360, it would have to be raised off of it enough to fit the gas pipe underneath.

I don’t have either of these types of ovens but when I installed my second oven I put shorter legs on the lower oven and put a rack made of 1 1/2 stainless steel square tubing that raised the top oven enough for proper circulation.

Correction - I have changed to MM PS540 which is similar dimensions to PS 360 and $15K cheaper than PS555.

Thanks for input to all.


It is not feasable to change the PS360 lower oven so that the burner motor chambers are on top of the baking chamber. Best to put the PS555 on top.

The PS555 is larger front to back then the PS 360- 61.75 in as compared to 47 in. so placing it on top of your PS360 presents some problems. The PS555 is heavier at the rear than at the front, best to provide some support. Also you will have to re route the exhaust pipe on the PS360 so that it will come up behind the PS555. Not that difficult.

But why not just get a PS 360 upper?

George Mills


I put in a correction that I’m now looking at the pS540 which is similar size to my old PS360. I couldn’t find the PS360 on the Aussie suppply for MM.