new oven

cant log in or even get a new one, so here it goes. looking to buy a new oven middleby marshal JS 350, but cant not find it on middleby’ s web site only have JS 360. whats up with that is there something i am missing. looking for an oven that can do more than what i am doing now… and i can get a great price. mike 123

please help with any info. mike 123

The middleby 350 is no longer manufactured. It was replaced by the mm 360. I don’t think they have made the 350 oven since 1983.

are there still replacement parts available, or will they matchup with the newer ones

The older models like the PS350 and PS360 are ancient technology and very inefficient. Those models have exhaust pipes that pour out heat before it has an opportunity to bake product. The burner that supplies that heat only burns 80 percent of the gas you pay for. Both ovens are difficult to clean in that there is an extreme amount of disassembly required to do so and the 350 is more difficult than the 360. The 350 had very poor air distribution fingers and are very difficult to adjust for a uniform bake across the product.

No matter what older air impingement oven you buy used you will usually, before long, have paid the price of a new oven in higher operating and maintenance costs and you will continue to pay as long as you use it.

Some older MM ovens have been substantially up graded with newer type air distribution fingers, new more efficient burners, modulating gas valves and electronic controls. Middleby sells an up graded version for $22,000.00. Any reconditioned oven priced much less than that most probably does not have all the necessary improvements.Even when substantially rebuilt the old MM ovens are still more costly to run and still a bear to clean.
In addition you can purchase some new lines of ovens for less than the MM rebuilts and get longer 2 year warranties lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs.
George Mills