New ovens for big pie hours

Currently have stack of 2 - MM 360 EWB (54" chamber - 44" wide belt) and run at 470° for 6:50. 50% of everything going through the oven is a 14" pizza. Thursday through Sunday we do over 200 pie hours for dinner rush (5-8). We bog down with the ovens and thus get behind on deliveries.

Looking to upgrade ovens - any suggestions on which ones to possibly be able to handle 300 pie hours?

A triple stack of Middleby PS 570 can bake 300 -14 in pies per hour @ a 6 minute bake.

George Mills

I have heard rumors that Edge is looking to come out with a wide body oven this coming year. This might be a better fit than the 570’s. The chamber would be 10" shorter than the 570’s but the wider belt would produce more pizzas. Might even fit under the same hood as the 360’s. Give Mike or Mark a call at 1-888-480-3343 and ask if they are going forward with this.

These are good problems to have.

We use the middleby 555 triple stack and do 250 pie hours without any back up. When we go above the 250 backup happens. I’m looking at the WOW triple stack, which according to the bake calculators will get us up to 350 pies an hour. The expense is crazy though. I’m looking at a good $100,000 to do this. Plus these ovens have a lot of electronics on them which allows for more things to go wrong.


Talking with a friend across the state last week, his local chain went to the WOW! (14 stores, I think) and has had numerous computer issues with them. None have caused total business shutdown, but it’s been close.

thanks everyone! I will check with Edge first but may end up with the triple stack 570’s for $ as I have a source to buy a whole shop for 20k with a double stack 570 although then I for sure have to adjust the hood.

i want your problems, I can not wait to outgrow my double stack 1450