New Ovens

I can’t decide what to get for ovens. I have looked to used Lincoln 1000s, Used MM 360 WBs, New XLTs, New Lincoln I Fastbacks, and New MM Wow Ovens

which would you buy? All would be double stacks

currently I use the older mm,
in the new store I havent decided…as I type this and hear the roar of the MM in the background, the qmatics sound like a good idea and I have heard that the new lincolns pay for themselves but I MAY just go outside the box and look at this oven … -highh.htm

for quiteness, NOTHING beats a CTX…even cooks a decent steak!

same reason I like the Q-Matic, quiet,

I cooked on the xlt the other day excellent ovens
thats what im going to put in my shop soon

any other choices ?

XLT’s, no doubt.