New Owner |Electric Pizza Oven | Marsal & Sons EDO (electric deck oven) opinions!

Hello all I am brand new to this forum, but I have learned so much already from reading previous posts so thank you in advance!

Just to give you some quick information about me, I am currently in the process of opening a very small 300 sq ft pizza place with a walk up window so there is no inside dining whatsoever.

Unfortunately, because of the way the building is built and the fact that there are apartment buildings about my business I am forced to use an electric pizza oven. Putting in a hood would be way too costly and not worthwhile.

So I am curious if anyone has any helpful information to give me on their experiences with electric pizza ovens and if you have a recommendation or pictures of finished products please let me know!

Currently the front runner for me is Marsal & Sons EDO, but I cant find any videos showing the machine being used or what the finished product looks like.

check to see if a heat hood is required…very, very few places these day will let you operate without some type of a hood…you don’t want to pay a Fool’sTax…

Thank You I will double check that!
I work in a restaurant right around the corner and I was told by a very good friend who is also the owner of my restaurant that as long as its electric it doesn’t require a hood. Ill still make sure that the information he gave me is correct though so thank you!

laws change…some places might have been ‘grandfathered in’ and some people think they know everything…lol…

The national Code requires a hood for electric oven

The hood is to remove the baking aromas and grease vapors.

If there are apartments above you you will be required to run the exhaust duct up to the roof.

George Mills

tho you might get by with a TurboChef system…pricey but no hood requirements…

Not having a hood to extract heat from the kitchen can result in an uncomfortable work environment.
George Mills

We have a ventilation system to extract the heat out. I have a lot of food truck experience so I’m used to working in small hot places haha. To me this spot is basically a food truck in a building.

I was looking at the turbo chef fire at first. However, I found a place that uses one and I went to try their pizza and it was so so. Its so concession stand looking to me and I dislike that about it. Ive been looking at the Italforni ovens lately and I really like them.

I was scared of the electric pizza ovens when we got our new location, because I’ve never used electric.
I do not know about the Marsal brand, but I love my Sveba Dahlen electric ovens. Just for the fact that I can set top, deck & front heat independently from the main temp control to get a perfect bake with no spinning or playing pizza shuffleboard . The glass doors are also a huge plus too, because I can tell the pizza guy 15 feet away to start pulling pies if he is busy on something else. They can be seen without opening the door and losing heat.

That sounds great! I’ve been looking at the Italforni’s… no more marsal and sons for me.

I like my Bakers Pride ovens. But GotRocks has my attention with his ovens. I’m going to have to look into them when these 20+ yr old ovens crap out on me.

My ovens were placed here in about 2001-2002’ish, I believe the original owners had purchased these overseas and had them shipped in a container to the US instead of getting them domestically , My toppings cooler is also an import made by “Gemm”, it took me a bit to figure things out with them both being in metric, and not finding an owners manual for my cooler in English, google translate helped a bit.
These guys spared no expense during their build out, the counters are all granite, all the stainless is obnoxiously thick. They did not go under due to spending too much, the partner who did speak english got ill and passed about 1 year into the place, now that I think of it, the 3 owners before me all died at some point during their operation here. I say “Bring It, I aint skeeeered”