New Owner Needs Help/Advise, Please!

Hi, I have been reading these boards for years but this is the first time posting. I just finished a new build out and am nearly ready to go accept I can’t seem to find workers! How do you successfully staff a place (Del/Co) from scratch? Any advise, please? Also, how many assistant managers and insiders would you try to start with? I am trying to do high volume.


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In answer to your question.

There are many ways to get new staff:

Advertise in the press/Job clubs/flyers what every you can - tell them a little about your company the roles available approx rates of pay and give them a cell phone number or where they can pick up an application form.

Put some ‘NOW HIRING’ posters in your new shop window.

Try and get a feature in your local paper - telling the story about you and your store opening

Arrange to have an ‘recruitment day’ where people can drop into the store to try out pizza making and and have chat.

When you find someone who’s good ask them if they know anyone else.

Its a tough job to do as you need to find them about 2 weeks before you open - any longer than 2 weeks and you won’t keep them; too close to the opening well you won’t have time to train them.

As to how many - well thats a million dollar question you can open on anything from 1000 for the week to 20,000 or more for the week.

You mention that you want to do high volume so I assume you have a marketing plan in place to achieve this - tell us more:

  • location
  • competition
  • local population
  • marketing plans

as it may give an indication as to what potential volume you may get.

A reasonable volume store (say 12000 per week) probably 8 (experienced) instore crew (or 10-12 inexperienced) and 10-15 drivers but really does depend on your set up.

Hope this helps

Honestly, with no offense intended, please - if you have to ask this question, I will rudely reply with a question. What experience do you have in this business and how do you expect to be high volume when you do not know how to staff your shop?


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To the original poster…man good luck. Its hell trying to staff.


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Hey, sometimes I have a way of saying it point blank and I started my business without having previous pizzeria experience so I am just trying to put it out there for him. Through the Grace of GOD and Great People, 15 years as a Financial Controller, Office Manager, Hotel Operations Manager, Gourmet Cook, I was able to manage. Otherwise, it would have been __________,


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:slight_smile: I have about 16 years experience, but I have been out of it for a few years. Just asking for advice to see if there are any avenues I haven’t thought of. Frankly it is a little more difficult to staff now than it used to be in this area. There is a lot of competition, and I probably should have my head examined for getting into such a tight market, but what the hell, you only live once and the time seemed right.

Thanks Wizzle for your thoughts…

  • location -good location

  • competition - plenty, but I truly believe the if you deliver a high quality pizza at a competitive price that you will do alright.

  • local population - 29k households in 2 mile radius and they really seem to like pizza around here (hut and papa do really well)

  • marketing plans - the usual, advo to intro, door hanging and box tops plus I plan on giving away slices during opening days with menus and magnets. I would like to do a really low price point for a grand opening to drive business, but I may have to let that slide until I can staff to where I would like it.

Anymore thoughts? I’m all ears…thanks.

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where in Virginia is your store???

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Put a big sign on the BLVD in front of your store Opening (insert date) - Now hiring cooks, drivers, order takers. Serves the dual purpose of driving sales and getting apps in. If you’re not available onsite leave a stack of applications by the door.


I am suprised you didn’t get more responses on this topic…I say this as I am ALWAYS hiring. Everywhere I go, if someone strikes me as out going I’ll start a conversation. Couple reasons 1. Promote my restaurant 2. Mini interview.
So, depending on what type shop you have, delivery, dine-in, carry-out or all. Current servers are good if you need servers. If you come across a good one simply tell them you are impressed with their level of professionalism & you’re wondering if they know anyone “like themselves” that might be interested in interviewing for a part-time job.
At the grocery store, cashiers & baggers (one that talks to you more than “paper or plastic”) might make good phone or counter persons. Just about everywhere there are potential employee’s, what I’ve learned over the past 15 or so years is most DON’T come to you! You either go find them or a current employee refers them.

Hope this helps,

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Good luck!


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There goes the neighborhood…

My best help wanted ads are flyers I put on my box tops. They outperform the newspaper help wanted by a lot.

Be sure you are realistic in you expectations of what you need to pay people. Ask around. Generally, you will need to pay pizza cooks the same amount as line cooks in other restaurants in the area.

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Right now, believe it or not, I’d say to you “Don’t worry”. Just make sure you’ve got two banners out front. One should say “Opening Soon”. The other should say, “Now Hiring”. Make sure you’ve got two big envelopes taped to the front door. One should have “Applications” printed on it. The other should have “Completed Applications” printed on it.

You’ll find that the majority of your initial crew will be hired within a week of you opening. That’s when you’ll see the biggest rush of applicants. Good luck.