New PCI compliance

So we received a letter in the mail from our credit card processor about the new PCI compliance that is going into effect this year. I’m sure you guys have gotten the same notice but it has me a bit perplexed. So I spoke with a rep today and although they weren’t able to give me too many details because its so new the sum of the conversation was that if you are accepting credit cards you will now be required to a quarterly review to make sure you are and stay PCI compliant which of course now comes with a fee. Anyone have anymore info about this and what exactly it entails?

I fill out a saq questionnaire on a yearly basis that is completely ridiculous. It basically releases the processor from everything

I am also required to scan my IP address for web ordering on a quarterly basis. It either passes or fails. If it fails , my pos company takes care of it.

PCI compliance is getting ridiculous year after year.

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I have quarterly scans done on my IP now. I agree with Rob, it’s all about passing the buck.

When we had an independent guy via first data we had to run these checks and do the quarterly scans. Since we switched to a bank, we haven’t had to do any of this. Fingers crossed that is stats this way

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I will be moving off first data soon, but last year i talked to my bank about switching over. They agreed to match first data’s rates, BUT they required me to do a monthly security audit that cost $25 each month for the privilege of verifying my setup was secure to meet compliance.

I told them no, and that i would stick with first data. About 6 months later first data required me to install a exe on the server that would scan the computer every day to verify compliance… for free.

I process with my bank and they just sent me a letter for it hate to burst your bubble. I have till may to comply or I will no longer be able to process.

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We’ll see what happens. We’re setup very well and I’m sure speedline will take care of any new issues that arise. We didn’t have them when we first were running scans and doing everything else involved. Talk about a pain back then

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