New Phone System-Suggestions?

I cannot find any current threads on new phone systems. We only need 3 lines. Was considering PizzaCloud or Reachify. Does anyone have input on either of these or perhaps another one? I need something that answers the phone for us and puts the incoming call on hold while we are busy with our current call. Thanks!

You will not be disappointed with pizza cloud. I can’t speak to the other system but we’ve had pizza cloud for over 3 years now and we love it. They also have a feature (we haven’t used it) for a robotic order taker. Last I heard it would be an additional cost but I’m not sure how that ended up

We switched to Pizza Cloud last fall upon recommendations from Steve and Famous Perry. The system has paid for itself 5 times over with its always connected cell back up service. On top of that it lowered our phone bill by $250 a month per location. They have very good tech support people. They pick up quickly and they don’t stop until your problem is fixed.


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Did you actually get the phone system that they have, or did you just add them to your existing phones? I’m trying to decide if I should go with their phones. I need to replace our phones, but I want something that has a quality sound.


We do use their phones. Our phones were all outdated and were in need of replacing. The new phones are crystal clear. It will cost you about $1500 - $2000 up front for the hardware and maybe half a day of your time to run the cables. They will do the software install remotely early in the morning ( about 3 hours ) and you will be up and running.

Thank you. That’s what I needed to know.

We were about 100 a phone. I can’t remember any other charges for hardware. There probably was but I don’t think we were $1500. I’d call them and let them give you all the info you need. They are super helpful

Thanks. I did get a quote from them and it was around $1300 with phones. They don’t offer installation though. Not sure how hard it is, but I would have preferred for them to put the system in.

Do you have Ethernet cables going to your phones now? If so, it’ll be very easy. If not, that’s the hardest part. Everything else is just plug and play

Good to know. Thanks so much, Steve.

If you do go with them, I recommend also getting a grand stream loud ringer as well. You can put this in a hard to hear place (like the kitchen) so you don’t miss a call

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the tip. We have decided to go with a company called Reachify because they can text incoming and missed calls with a link to our online ordering system. I talked at length with both companies and at this time, I feel like I need the texting capabilities of Reachify. They also give us phones without charging for them so there is no upfront cost and they are on a month-to-month contract. They don’t have the cellular backup, but we can purchase that item alone from PizzaCloud for $35 a month.

Thanks again for all your input and help.

Interesting features there!

Yes … it was what sold us on the service.

I switched to Pizza Cloud a year ago. I wish I would have done years ago. It is awesome. No running to the phone to catch it on the second ring. My employees can finish with the guest they are talking to without being interupetd.
All the incoming calls are recorded and you can download them if there is a problem.
We also us it for phone training. We call them so they so they can practice, then we play the calls back to help them improve.
I can’t believe how easy it was to install, I did it myself. they made it easy. Their tec support is top notch.