New Pizza Cutter Idea

Hi, we are Jake, Dan, and Logan and we are engineering students in our high school in New Jersey. Currently, we are working on a capstone project where we design and innovate a new product. Our product is a new type of cutter that will cut all the slices in a way that it prevents any damage to the pie or uneven cuts. We found this forum in looks to talk to a community of experts and obtain feedback based off of personal experience. If you would not mind please click on this link:
to take our survey. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated and please feel free to contact us if you have any other suggestions or ideas. Thank you for taking the time to fill this survey out.

And thank you to Tom Lehmann, AKA, “The Dough Doctor” for showing us this website and helping us get familiar with the pizza industry.

Good luck with your project. But you can’t fool us … we know that your various cutting products will need to be tested, and you are the perfect three people to do that testing. Of course all those pizzas will then need to be either thrown out, given to charity or eaten, and you are not wasteful guys, so …

Has anybody clicked on the link yet? I’m game but I want to make sure it’s legit first

I did click on the link but chose not to participate. I use a knife not a roller so the questions were not relevant.

Haha, Thank you. All three of us are looking forward to eating every single tested pizza we buy!

Thank you for your feedback. If you could please tell us how you feel on the survey, we would really appreciate it. The reason for this is because our facilitator demands a certain number of surveys filled out by 10/31/19 and time is running out.

It is a legit Google Forms page. Nothing sketchy here but a few high schoolers trying to get a good grade! Thanks in advance!