New Pizza Ideas Needed

I have decided to launch as series of limited time special combos. The purpose is twofold:

  1. To give us some high ticket items to sell. All our special combos are at least 4 topping price and some are up to 9 toppings.

  2. Talking about them gives me something to talk about besides price that really makes it clear what is different about us.

I plan to run one of these each month, give or take a week or two and then rotate to a new one. There will not be special offers attached to them except that our existing offers and coupons will apply. Some will be timed to certain food ingredients that are seasonal and/or local. Others just sound good to me. I find these ideas in various places… but I will still be looking for several more, so please chime in! On the examples below, the underlined item is not a regular stock item for us. Everything else is.

Steak, Red Onions, Mushrooms. Will be a red sauce pie. We will be buying Certified Angus steak trimmings and running them through the oven and then through our rotary slicer (mushroom slicer). Since steak is expensive, it will price the pizza out as a five topping pie unless I add anything else to it like garlic, roma tomatoes or cashews.

Sockeye Salmon, White sauce (garlic, oil, ricotta), Roma tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts. Wild, Fresh sockeye is available from sometime in June through late July. Will bake the salmon in our ovens and pull into pieces. this will price out as an 8 topping pizza.

Olathe Sweet Corn (Colorado local product), Jalapenos, Roma Tomatoes, Mesquite Chicken with red sauce. (We buy chicken pieces and back with mesquite seasoning and run through slicer) The corn is available for about a month from late July through August. This will price as a five topping pie.

Lemon Butter Chicken, (same chicken we use for mesquite), pesto sauce, red onions, black olives. This will price as a 6 topping pie.

Anybody ever do anything with peaches or other sweet fruits? Colorado has great peaches I would love to use!

Other ideas?

We also do a steak pizza, but we went with garlic butter, & heavy romano. We use utility grade tenderloin.

Or alfredo sauce option is gaining some recognition locally, we do not make or purchase a prepared alfredo sauce, we build it on the pizza with romano & heavy cream and it comes together nicely during baking.

Peaches; I have done a fresh peach napoleon that was awesome, but I have never seen peaches that were suitable for doing that in over a decade since. I used puff pastry dough, whipped heavy cream, and thin sliced peaches that were so spectacularly juicy, sweet, & tender without being over ripe. If I had pictures to share, I would

On your salmon, Have you considered slicing it thin and placing it on the pizza while raw and letting it cook on the pizza, Salmon can be drier than a popcorn fart if not handled delicately, maybe a beurre blanc sauce with it for a milder flavor than garlic butter?

I should say that you may want to stay away from beef right now due to the outrageous costs of it. I am getting killed on beef and I am at my price cap that this market will currently handle. And I am $10.00 under what I should be selling it for per pound (choice or higher brisket)

I’d rather use fewer ingredients but make it special. What’s in season by you now? What about pencil asparagus with lemon ricotta? We’re doing a pork pastor pizza right now for Cinco de mayo. Maybe if you are in to peaches sweet and spicy sweet peach bbq sauce with grilled chicken

You could also use the corn like mexican street food elote but as a salad or maybe as pizza

Here’s the pork pastor pizza with chile de arbol sauce

Something that I did for a slice yesterday was a focaccia-style, and it was very popular.
No sauce, used fresh thin sliced maters, some herbs, olive oil & romano in pl;ace of sauce. Then topped with whole milk mozz, fresh spinach, & thin sliced fresh elephant garlic.
Maybe give that a shot?..

Our new top seller is Pulled pork,grilled chicken, bacon and sprinkle of mild chedar.Bbq base(of course). Was supposed to be limited time offer but got so popular that i gonna keep it and go up in price to!

I’ve done ok with my Angry Bird pizza. I use hot wing and sriracha as a base. Top with chicken tossed in sriracha and shredded pepperjack. When it comes out I hit it with crushed red pepper and habanero tobbasco. I’ve had a regular who likes things really spicy tell me he was going to order it ahead of time so we let the chicken sit in the sriracha all day to really soak up the heat.

also did a “whole hog” pizza that went over really well. Saved up our bacon fat and made the cracker crust with that instead of olive oil. smoked pork butt, candy bacon, sweet baby rays and chopped dill pickle when it came out of the oven.

Love reading all these- very creative pies!

Alright, now you guys are infringing on my BBQ territory! Why I outta…

One of our slice offering yesterday was our “Texan Pizza” that has Sausage, Bacon, Jalapenos, & Cream cheese dotted across the top. Sold the heck out of that one

maybe try a higher grade honey and do a pepperoni, sausage and honey (post bake) pizza. Ive wanted to try it out at my store but never had the courage

We put together a Lasagna pie that has meatballs, ground beef, ricotta and red onions on a marinara base. Pretty big seller for us.

We had a “hot” pizza with anything spicy. We did not sell a ton of it, but depending on your customer base, it could go over well.

Attempting a Cali Burrito Pizza tonight. Will take pics later and post. Carne Asada, hot salsa, crispy fries, cheddah and mozzarella topped with guac and sour cream after it comes out.

My whole menu is stacked with off-the-wall pies as is though but it’s fun to try new stuff on Mondays/Tuesdays.