new pizza outlet opening decision

Dear Sir,
I hope u will be in prime health.

My name is Kashif & I belong to Pakistan. I want to open a small pizza outlet with take away & free home delivery options.

Due to low finances I am opening this outlet in Pakistan on my own place & not in a market. This is a commercial location near to my house but away from area’s main markets. Due to this there is not enough public gathering near to it.

Also, I have to cope with following challenges;

  1. The big problem is that i have no practicle working experience in this regard.
  2. My brand name is completely unknown to the customers.
  3. My competition will be with very popular brand names such as Pizza Hut and other popular local outlets.
  4. In long run my limited customers will remain the same.
  5. As already mentioned above, my place is at a distance of 1~2 km far from my area’s commercial places.
  6. Currently I have no closed sitting arrangement for customers.

But, I feel that this is the right time to capture the market of this area because of following reasons;

  1. I have plently of wide open green space for customers to sit and also to park their vehicles.
  2. There is no pizza shop/outlet in this area. There are some bakeries who are selling pre-baked pizza.
  3. To eat a fresh hot pizza people have to visit city market (Main Bazar or you can call it super market which is approx. at a distance of 8~10 kms from my area).
  4. As we all know; people like change so I think change in taste will attract customers.
  5. Ordering a pizza for home delivery normally take more than one hour to reach to the customer. As you know it effects freshness and hotness of the product.
  6. Also my place is on the road parallel to main road of housing society.

In these conditions please suggest me what should i do? should i open my outlet here. i have only 6000 U.S dollars in hand.

I know it is a challenge but i wanna do it. All i need some support, help, experience, suggestions from all of you.

please let me know if you think the information i have mentioned above is not enough to make a right decision. please note that i can send you a google arail image of my location.

I would be very thankful to you.


do delivery and carryout
advertise, follow leads from here that you can do, like doorhanging your menus
make you pizza different and better than the competition like Pizza Hut,

you can do searches here that will give you much good information to sort through,

good luck,

The generally accepted belief in this group is that you should spend time working in a pizza restaurant for a little while to learn about the business. There are many things that you need to learn that aren’t taught anywhere else than working in the business. Pizza business can be done well and still struggle . . . there is the food side, the customer service side and the business side. We have to do all of them.

That said, if you are planning to open, and need some general information, try this link It is a list of frequently asked questions topics and loads of information and ideas from the people who have answered questions here. If you have some more specific questions, the insanely generous folks here will answer and give suggestions.

We are all pretty happy to help. We will be generally honest and creative. If we think you are likely to succeed, we will help you do that. If you are likely to fail, then someone will probably jump right in and say that.

Thanku “Gunn” for your honest suggestion!
Sorry to say it that im not totally agree with you. i have seen some small pizza shops run by ex-workers of popular pizza restaurants. After seeing them i got an idea that i can do better than them and there is no rocket science behind it. The important thing i found that they got a “good location” in main markets at right time. Some of them struggle during the developing stages of the area but they settle after that. As you know it different in my case it is 1~2 km away from main markets.
Regarding getting working experience in a pizza restaurant; can i have it by engaging myself in my own business. Now, i havn’t enough time to aquire it while working for some1 else. Currently, im working as an assistant manager in marketing & sales section for 3+ years for a automotive manufacturing concern. I know this is not a relevant experience but i have learned the tricks of trade.
Having said that main thing that bother me that there is not enough gathering near to my location as there is one tuck shop and one vegetable+fruit shop nearby. So, what you guys think; can i sell enough pizzas in this scenario by spending more on advertisment.
Guys! I have to make it a success. There is no other option available to me as i have resigned from my job. After one year of my job i realized that i am not a employee type of a person. From last two years im trying very hard to get more & more knowledge so that i can start my own pizza business.
For your information places in main bazar/markets are very expensives and i havnt enough money to start my business there. In my opinion i need very good and creative marketing strategy to attract customers. And im prepared to bear the loss for atleast 6 months to let the people know that im right here to provide them hot & fresh pizzas. What are your concerns about this?
looking forward to your valued views.


Dear Guys,
And i like to add that i really respect these Gurus of pizza industry. And i admire their strenght.


If you do not know the pizza business, you cannot teach it to yourself. Period. I learned that lesson myself a little bit.

Not rocket science . . . and not auto manufacturing. Those guys you plan to do better than, have worked in the pizza business before opening. They know how to make dough, manage dough, purchase and manage inventory, prevent food illness, bake a pie in an oven and handle the surprises that occur in foodservice and those that are specific to pizza joints.

You have worked making automobiles. You might be a very bright and resourceful man. I am not saying it is impossible . . .I am sure people do it every day. I just caution that you will be starting out with a personal knowledge deficit to overcome along with the business stuff. Find some way somewhere to learn about operating a pizzeria or food business. It will make a world of difference and give you a much better chance of success.

You are right Nick! From now on i will seriouly look for that:) And, im completley convinced that first i should have knowledge what works and what doesnt work in pizza business. Also i should also know what my competitors are doing. All of this is possible if i worked in one of them.
I know that it might be sounded like a “Stubborn” by proving my point of view but can there be any other option?
"What about agreement with a person who has a similar kind of hand on experience in local pizza outlet and offer him a percentage in profit? If no please ignore.
If yes; please suggest one option.

please dont get me wrong; can we think out of box to overcome the matter of unexperience?


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I reccomend the pizza course on the link below,
you could learn alot about pizza production and business in a short amount of time,
could learn things to do and not to do,
otherwise, it’s mostly trial and error
Otis … 377&site=3

Please let me know how much time shud i spend working in a pizza restaurant?


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“Please let me know how much time shud i spend working in a pizza restaurant?” buraboy

the longer, the better and the more, the merrier,

because like is short, a better answer would be to work in a place(s), set no time limit, untill you feel comfortable enough to make the decisions yourself.

if you have the time and money, go to courses, the one I sent you a link to is good, and to pizza conventions where there are seminars and learning opportunities.
I only know of ones in the USA, there must be some on your continent as well,


currently i really dont know anything about pizza conventions/seminars in areas in my easy approach. But i will definately look for them in very near future. Thankx for your suggestions.

Heh! the link you have given me required an account. do u have a login & pwd there? i need these to view it.


Hot Bite Pizza
“Addict yourself” … 377&site=3

I just clicked on it, no password need from here

it will be titled “Practical Pizza Production” in October


Dear Otis,
As u kno i liv in Pakistan. Most likely there is zero chance of attending any of the courses mentioned there. so its not going to help me. if im missin, sumthin, about it please guide me.

anyway thanku 4 ur help.


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did you find anything helpful in the FAQ link I put in the top of the thread? It is amazing how much information is categorized there by topic.

im reading the topics daily. and these are quite helpful.

Nick! can i download “how to make pizza dough 1,2 & 3” on my pc?


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dear Sir

yes there is no rocket science to make good pizza but it is not to be taken lightly remember you are getting in the business of pleasing people and that is not light business at all if you have saved some money to invest i am sure you worked hard for your money so i would go get a job at pizza hut etc for at least one month and you will save yourself alot of money and trouble i suggest that strongly but i also suggest not to copy them when youopen your own place good luck keep us updated

The pizza dough videos are good instruction on how to manage dough. I’ve watched them repeatedly, and know that once I start making dough, it will be completely different than watching my computer screen . . . those live little yeasties and dough temps will make for challenges in consistency that I will have to learn and live.

thanku lilian. yesterday i have called one of local pizza resturant for a job. they said there is no vancy available right now and they will let me know when they need me :frowning:
i also think that one month is enough for me to get core knowledge how to handle dough/toppings/workers/customers etc and where they are buying the stuff and at what price. my reason for one month on job training is that winter is coming in Pakistan and hot stuff sell more in this season. so, i have to start my business in this season. otherwise i have to wait for next season.

i worked really hard to learn pizza making skill. though i had a few time for that u know it is hard to find time when u r doing a private job. 2 yrs back i had bought pizza oven and other stuff for my own pizza business. now im very near to start it on my own place (NO RENT) near to my home.

thanks to GOD almighty!

i will definately update all of you for suggestions/help/experience…

Guys! im risking my all saving which i have earned in 3.5 yrs on this. what i really need is your support and encouragement.


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With only $6,000.00 U.S. things will be very tight, and a lot will depend upon whether you can secure the necessary equipment and permits (if required) and still remain within your budget.
You might want to see if you can locate a used deck oven, but that will probably be costly, so this leads us to building an oven of your own. You might want to look for plans for building a wood burning oven. I know there are books available and there might also be something available on the internet. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple. You have excellent craftsmen in Packistan who should be able to build your oven for you at a reasonable price. As for a mixer, you really don’t need one. Just make a wet blend of the ingredients, cover with a sheet of plastic and allow to ferment in a cool place for 12 to 24 hours. After the fermentation period your dough will be beautifully developed. Scale the dough into desired weight pieces and form into balls, wipe with oil and place into individual plastic bags to ferment once again for about 1 to 2 hours. The dough should now be ready to shape by hand into pizza skins.
Apply olive oil to the dough skin followed by thin slices of fresh tomato, then add herbs/spices (I like to use fresh sweet basil and/or oregano and garlic) apply this to the surface of the dough followed by a suitable cheese. Mozzarella woule be the best, but if you can’t locate this type of cheese, experiment with some other type of white cheese to see what might work well for you. Assemble the pizza on a wood peel with a little cornmeal under the pizza skin (dough) and carefully peel the unbaked pizza into the oven. When baked, use a metal blade peel to remove the pizza from the oven. If you cannot get a prep table to work with, you can use plastic containers to store all of the topping ingredients and use a commercial refrigerator to store things in. Take a look in the RECIPE BANK fir some easy dough formulas/recipes and while you’re at it, look at my home made pizza formula and procedure to get an idea of how you might be making your dough. Use l9ocal craftsmen to make a few long tables and benches. For drinks you would be selling canned drinks as so many restaurants there do. You will need to have a facility for dish washing and anything else required by your local codes. Like I said, it will be tight, but I think you might be able to pul it off if you can get into an oven at a reasonable cost.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor