New Pizza Site for Australia -

A new site has been started for the Australian Market. I need articles and information to go on it for the Australian Market.
So anything at ALL about Pizza send it to me.
Suggestion on how to improve the content for the Australian market would be grateful.

Fire the suggestions and info to

Hey Steve

I know you are in Western Australia like myself (we spoke over the phone a few weeks ago).

A couple of items I think could be spoken about are:

  • The rising cost of cheese. Just gone up from $106 a 20kg block to $134 a block on top of a previous rise just 4 weeks prior from $96 to the $106, with another increase due on 18/10/07.

  • The increase in flour this year by 43% with another of around 25% expected from 1/11/07.

  • The massive shortage of delivery drivers (one of the things we spoke about) facing the industry here in Australia.

Unfortunately the Australian market, or should I say operators in it, are very secretive about what they do and say. They don’t like to share to many ideas with others unlike the guys here on this forum.

There are some very good guys from Perth who do share when there is a function and we all get together. World champ, Theo from Little Caesars in Mundaring, Nigel from Pizza with Attitude in Kensington, Matteos in Kalamunda and Andrew from Zanzi Pizza in Willetton.

Feel free to give me a call on 0400 022 188. Maybe we can catch up and have a talk.


we can all learn from each other, after all, are you and i really in comp with each other? maybe if you had your place across the street from me but you don’t so… best of luck mate!

oh and this new site; is that

have a great day



Just registered on the new site and will reply to questions in your forum to help kick start our own Aussie site.

Hopefully we can generate interest and co-operation as found on this site.