New Pizzeria Equipment Needs

I’m helping open a new pizzeria, and was wondering if any had suggestions/recommendations for equipment related to dough portioning, balling, and sheeting. Does any of these fancy big ticket items make that huge of a difference? I think from a labor and consistency stand point maybe, but is the juice really worth the squeeze? This is my first, and I want to say thank you to all you can help, and to those whom have already posted great info.

well here is my opinion on the dough portion & rounders it all depends on your volume at my store we only use 2-3 25lb bags a day so we hand cut,weigh, & roll all the balls

now for an operation like Pauls wher he makes 4-6 50lbs a day (i think that is what he was doing the last time i saw them amking dough haha) Pauls people cut and weigh but he has a rounder that he uses

forming the balls is the hardest part because of consistency and making sure you don’thave air holes in them, you gotta keep it tight

i think you could find some other use for that 8K for a dough portioner


Thanks, we’re hoping to do at least 1 50# bag a day. I was leaning toward self portioning, because we are doing two sizes a 10" and a 14". As far as the rounding and consistency I could’t agree more. Thanks for the input.


If that is all you are doing, I don’t think anyone here would recommend buying machines. Cleaning and maintenance will eat through any labor savings from the machines.

Where are you located? I have a 60 qt hobart i just picked up. Will sell for cheap

Are you planning on other items? What’s the competition like/how many shops? Do you have experience at a pizzeria?

I would re-think your sizes.


In response to all previous comments, first off thanks I appriciate the communication.

1)We are located in Milwaukee
2)I do have experience, this is the third pizzeria I’ve worked at. First was a high volume chain with gas oven, then a small independant wood fired, now a challenge a coal fired oven!
3) Not to much competition, we have a large chain nearby (garbage) and other than that within a 3 mile radius maybe 2-3 serious contendtors.
4)What benefits would you get from different sized pizzas? Go bigger or smaller?

Thanks All,