New Product I am Using and Liking.

At Pizza Expo there are a multitude of “New Ideas” that are presented on the trade show floor. I took a sample of the Perfect Crust pizza liners. I did the challenge from this video and was impressed enough to order a years supply.

The prices(16" - $65.65/500, 14"- $49.40/500) are better than the ripple-board or fluted liners that I have been using in the past. An added bonus is the years supply of liners takes up less space than 2 months supply of the fluted liners.

Tom Esterley - VP of Sales & Marketing (800.783.5343) just called me to see if I was happy with the product and has indicated they will offer free shipping in the USA up to June 19th.

Hi Daddio, I use a b flute Reynolds liner. Sampled other fluted liners and waffle style liners and found they are useless. Trouble is the liners I use cost 11c each. Trouble is nothing else works like them.
Can not tell from the video, what is the surface config on these? Does it allow air to circulate under the crust like the fluted liners? What do they perform like with a 3+Lb pizza put on them? (The cheap fluted ones collapse and do nothing). The waffle style are just too close to what the automotive shops put on your floormats for me lol…

The surface of these liners have a raised spherical bumps that hold the crust off the surface of the paper. I feel the air circulation with these is better than the flutes as it can flow in any direction. My trial run with these liners was with the heaviest and messiest pizzas I make.


Daddio…do you cut right on the liner, and it’s tough enough the knife’s not slicing through it? Price is interesting, no more than we’re paying for our circles now really. Storage would be sweet compared to cardboard circles. I’ll have to ask what their normal shipping is like. I hate to fall in love with them, only to get nailed once the free shipping offer expired!

I don’t cut on them but I did see the guy at Pizza Expo cut on them with no problems.

From the pricing you list i assume you are using the heavy duty liner, did you test the standard duty as well?

I googled them and found this site

Just wondering if Daddio and others that have been trying these liners are still happy with their performance? I got my free sample months ago, they seemed ok, but I figured after the initial order the shipping put them out of my interest area.

Just found out this week that US Foods handles them, the price point has them at near exactly what we pay for the standard cardboard “circles” but if they perform as well as hoped, it’d be easy to make that switch for space alone.

I am still using them with great satisfaction. They are better than anything else I have used.

We had these available for our students to work with and take some home with them at our recent annual pizza seminar here at AIB International. There are a number of different products available designed to accomplish the same thing with prices ranging all over the board. With this product, our students showed greatest interest in the thicker, heavy duty liners.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I have been using these for about 6 months, you can cut on them, even the non-bakeable ones can be used for reheating (at least in our decks they can). We use them for dine-in and when a customer needs to take the rest home in a box, you just pick up the corners and set in the box no mess or touching the customers food to box, customers always thing they are really cool too!

I just called at 7pm Pacific for a free sample from the number shown. I got some Asian guy with a thick accent who sounded like I just got him out of bed. He told me to call back tomorrow.

Just ordered one of each size we need from my US Foods rep. Pricing is dead on with what I’m paying for my cardboards, but space issues and that “different from everyone else” factor made my decision. Toying with using them under our dine-in pies as well.

Called back today during business hours and spoke with a rep who was very professional and sending out a sample pack for us to try.