New regulation on filing meals tax devided into cash sales and card sales

so i need to file sales amounts to pay meals tax and i need to brake it up into two categories (cash and credit cards amounts). my current problem is that my pos report shows me cash flow amount (not cash sales) but kinda “cash left in register” meaning after tips are given out… and credit card sales report is also not accurate because it shows anount of credit card transactions (and not net sales) because credt cards include tips given to driver… so its not easy for me to explain to my accountant that whatever monthly summary pos prints end of the month not really acurate (in terms of break up between cash and cards)… pos report reduces cash sales amount and baloons credit card sales to a point when some days will have negative cash sales lol… anyone else having same issue?

Does you PoS have a report that shows the Net Accountable Sales somewhere? If you sold $100 in food for the day before collecting the $6.25 Meals tax, is there a report that states that $100.00 amount of sales no matter if is was cash or credit card as it calculates your Cash Over/Short for the day/week/month?

yes, i can pull net sales report easily and im able to pay total meals tax amount correctly, but that report is of no help when i need to divide sales into cash sales and card sales… i use aldelo pos…