I’m new here & got sorta turned around, so I’ll try this again. I am taking over an existing restaurant on Friday. All they have been making is hand-tossed. They use the frozen dough balls. I would like to also offer the cracker thin crust. Can I use the same dough? My understanding is that a press makes it like the hand-tossed which I am already doing so do I need a sheeter for the thinner crust? Thanks for you input.

Does your market want/need a cracker crust?

Or do YOU want/need a cracker crust?

A press will yield a result similar to hand-tossed…

A sheeter will give you your cracker crust…

The answer didn’tr change, really. You don’t NEED a sheeter to make a thin crust. You can use one, but it is not a NEED. Hand thrown dough can and does make a dough with great texture and crunch. And hands cost less!

The dough you use will probably find your frozen dough is not adequate for your thing, crispy crust needs. I have used frozen balls for a few years and do not get a crispy crust that lasts longer than 10 secnds out of the oven. There are probably doughs out there that do perform for a crackery crust, but you’d need to talk to the distributors and test some out. A sheeter will not guarantee that the dough you use will be crackery . . . it’s a crap shoot until you sheet a dough and bake it.

Formulations for fresh dough are often a bit different for the thin, crisp crust, than the more tender and thicker crusts.