New Revention Webinar (May 21st, at 2pm CST)

As some states start to relax stay-at-home orders, restaurants have more choices in how they want to begin opening their doors again to their patrons. With many restaurants having successfully pivoted to off-premise, the desire to re-open the doors to diners may come with hesitation.

Many restaurateurs have taken a harder look at their inventory and labor costs as well as ensuring his business is always growing which has led him to fine-tuning his delivery and curbside model.

Sean Rowe with St. Angelo’s pizza in Georgia and Sean Brauser with Cutting Edge Marketing and veteran in the pizza space, share key insights into how they have collaborated to drive more online growth while staying relevant with St. Angelos’ guests online.

Here from Sean Row share how he is continuing to drive growth and prepare for Summer while reviewing what steps matter most before reopening his brick-and-mortar doors. “If you are not growing, you’re dying” and with some forced changes, new ideas for profitability and some cost measures have been revealed.