New screens...etc.

So I am finally training people and getting ready to open (8 month build details available if you’re bored).

Any tips on getting screens and decks “seasoned”? Other than just cook a lot of pizza on them, I mean? A shortcut?

All is working well, but with new decks, screens and peels, it’s kind of “scratchy” moving pies around…


As far as the screens go just oil them and cook them to get a nice season started on them. I have no clue about the deck though as I have never owned one. Good luck!

We season our screens by rubbing them with oil and putting through our MM conveyor oven @ 252 degrees celius for 7 minutes. Do it 3 times.

Stinks like hell the first two times through but the final ones is OK.

Screens come out nice an seasoned.

Any particular oil? Vegetable or EVOO?

Just vegetable oil.
Brush on with good coverage.

Make sure well ventilated as the oil and new metal stinks the first two times.

Don’t forget the peg for the nose. :smiley: