new shop new ideas !!!

about three weeks from having new shop open will be out of the shed yea :smiley: heres the deal does any one do specials that are dine in only we will now have dine in avaliable. what type of hooks are you guys using to get them in the front door .where you have a chance to upsell them soda apetizers desserts etc.and get that ticket price say you have smokin deal on pizza how do you enforce a special thats dine in not carry out. dont want to make people mad but just shelled out bunch of green backs gettin the dine in done. set it up as QSRreally want to utilize it. any suggestions would be great.

We’re working with a client that owns a Brazilian Steakhouse but also sells (incredibly delicious) pizza. The owner wanted to increase awareness about their pizza and also draw in new customers.

Using our Instant-Win scratch off game cards, he was able to offer 4) different prize giveaways:

One Grand Prize: 26 Free Pizzas (Carry-out only, please)
First Prize: Free Dinner, up to $___ (Dine In only, please)
Second Prize: Free Pizza, up to $___ (Carry-out ony, please)
Third Prize: Free Dessert, up to $___(Dine In only, please)

All the prizes required that the customer enter the restaurant, smell/taste the food, experience the atmosphere and hopefully return again with family and friends.

We also required that the winners fill out their contact information on the redeemed game cards that the restaurant can then use for future in-house promotions.

Whether you decide to do a mailer, box-toppers or game cards give away something - Anything! - that will definitely drive new business into your dining room and help you build a data base of loyal customers.

I wish you much success!


I wouldn’t penalize people for take-out…maybe just distinguish a special as “dine in or takeout only” (meaning not for delivery). Then you have them in your shop, and can invite them to stay.
If the environment is nice, they will - or will think about dining in NEXT time…
In other words, don’t bribe them to dine in - just GET them to come in and realize that they CAN dine in.