New site went live yesterday

Do you guys like the improvements?

The nav bar makes getting around way easier than the last one, information should be way easier to find.

I hope you guys enjoy the new site. Much new content will be added over the next month. We have some big things in store that are just getting worked out now.

Looks Great! Good work!

Looks great!..I will have to remember to enter the site via the front page from time to time…Mostly i use a bookmark that takes me right to this part of the forum…

Classified link doesn’t work w/Firefox browser…

Works fine for me…

It was discussed as an issue in your last thread. We still cannot log in from the Safari browser on Macs.

I really like the new site…maybe it’s my imagination but I think it loads faster. I really appreciate all the effort you and your staff put into making this site available to us.

Keep up the good work!!!

We couldn’t figure this out so we handed it off to the software manufactures tech support. We are still waiting for a response.