New Startup: Anybody looked at Amigopos?


I’m loooking to start up a small pizzeria in New Zealand. It’ll be 95% dine-in only, with maybe a tiny amount of take-out, but no delivery. We’ll be serving essentially authentic neapolitan pizza and it’ll have a pretty small food menu, but I will have a bar.

I have been looking at the various POS options (both locally and abroad) and quickly realized that you can spend a truckload of time on researching them all and after you’ve made your mind up you will then spend a truckload of money.

I’m almost tempted to go to manual tickets (if you have any feedback on this, please go ahead).

If I am going the POS way, it will be single terminal and I want cheap (this is a new startup so every penny counts).

Now I have come across some second hand hardware here that is quite cheap and it has a POS on it already, called AmigoPOS, albeit an older version of the software. So I did a bit of research. One thing I like is that they allow you to download a fully functioning demo (it just puts company slogan on printed output), so you can play to your hearts content. Its not too expensive (US 495) and I can probably get an upgrade for US $375.- I have compared it with Point of Success and it seems to have a lot more features, that are normally upgrades or add/ons (Table management etc).

So, given my scenario, are there any other options out there that I should have a look at?

And, if anybody knows anything about Amigopos, good, bad or ugly, I’d love to hear your feedback.



If you own Amigopos we offer a competitive upgrade at 50% off our regular price. Get Point of Success Premium for $299.

another on that I have been looking at that has all the “upgrades” included is! it is only $99 per station per year gives you the updates for that price to and it has all features included even caller id-table bussing & table layout in shop- payroll and all the reports-. they also like almost all of them have the demo download*–some features dont work on those modes though"-- I have been looking all over the place ands this seems to be the best buy for the money. would be worth checking out!